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The wave pool is a kind of artificial simulation wave. With its realistic wave making effect, visitors have different experiences. It is a fashion place that integrates family, romance and joy, easy to manage, low energy consumption, low noise, etc

The wave pool has a large capacity, the scene is spectacular, super attractive, and the wave making effect is real and flexible. It can produce huge waves of 1-3 meters, which can produce strange wave shapes such as mountain waves, waves, diamond waves and protruding waves. The wave design is flexible and can be designed and packaged according to different geographical conditions.

Wave-making equipment has a rocking-type wave machine, a vacuum wave machine, and an air-type wave machine. Among them, the vacuum wave machine is the most commonly used wave-making method.

Apply to: Water parks, Hot spring, hotel etc

Applicable people: children, adults

Wave pool as well as can be customized

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