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Super Boomerang Water Slide Outdoor Water Slide For Swimming Pool Equipment

Super Boomerang Water Slide Outdoor Water Slide For Swimming Pool Equipment

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Water Slide

Custom water equipment super boomerang water slide, Outdoor fiberglass water slide for swimming pool

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 Super flying blanket (large sky swing)





Platform Height



 83.0 meters


 1.3-5.4 meters




 Blue, Red, Yellow or Custom


 Steel Bracket Galvanized steel


 Stainless Steel

product size

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1.The main body of the slide is made of high-performance glass-fiber composite materials. It is hand-processed and has very strong toughness and hardness. It is safe and durable.
2.Slides show that the use of isophthalic gel coat has high mechanical strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, and has the characteristics of smoothness, smoothness, ultraviolet radiation and anti-fading.
3.can host up to 6 people at a time, strong reception capacity, to minimize the queue of visitors, greatly attracting popularity.
4.can provide a variety of color arch selection and combination, rich and colorful.
The super boomerang water slide (large sky rolling water ladder) enables visitors to experience the thrill of “climbing to the sky” and is particularly suitable for thrilling, thrilling and courageous people. The super boomerang water slide platform is 16m high. It is the perfect combination of a floating ring slide and a large skateboard for passengers to ride on the raft. Sliding from the 16m platform, after a spiral approach, as the spacecraft dive down, after crossing the lowest point and with great inertia, rushed to the opposite climbing board and quickly climbed to the highest point, and then quickly under their own gravity After falling back into the income recovery tank, it again fell through a semicircular maneuver and fell into the sink, experiencing the dizziness of the “roundabout”. The super bomoorang water slide can be a family or a group of friends sitting together to experience this thrilling happiness. Tourists ride on a round float mattress that can hold up to 6 people at a time, challenging the limits of gravity and making them thrilling.
The tourists set off from a height by riding a roundfloat mattress which can accommodate 6 people at most. After a high speed through a 80m spiral chute, they descended rapidly and fell to the lowest point for nearly 10 meters. At the time of shocking, they rushed to a vertical . At the top of the landslide, challenging the limit of gravity, once again dive and return safely to the pool, thrilling and thoroughly experiencing the pleasure brought by the thrill of the heavens is one of the most popular facilities in the water Paradise.

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Slide body: 6-8mm; flange: 8-10mm
Tower Height:18 m;
Inner Width of Section:2.7 m

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Apply to: communities, amusement park, residential area, hotel resort and ect.

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The main body of the slide is made of FRP material, handmade paste system, with very strong applicability, hardness, safe and durable.


The main body of the slide is made of FRP material, handmade paste system, with very strong applicability, hardness, safe and durable;
Fiberglass cloth is laid up in a mold and saturated with catalyzed polyester resin, which hardens and forms a stiff, resilient unit Color and protection from wear and water intrusion are provided by a layer of gel coat othe surface. Gel coat bonds with the fiberglass resin and forms a tough shell that is resistant to the effects of wear and is superior to any type of household or marine paint. The gel-coat surface also makes the slide slippery, which promotes the function of the slide. Fiberglass slide is strength and durability.

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Our products are controlled quality through below aspects.

High quality-1
1.Operator control stage:The quality of the product is controlled by the operator.
High quality-3
3.Inspector control stage:Set up full-time quality inspector, specialized in product quality control.
High quality-2
2.Class leader control stage:The team leader is responsible for the quality control of the whole team.

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