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Popular Artificial Pneumatic Wave Pool Surf Wave Machine For Sales Swimming Wave Pool

Popular Artificial Pneumatic Wave Pool Surf Wave Machine For Sales Swimming Wave Pool

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Wave System

Popular Artificial Pneumatic Wave Pool Surf Wave Machine For Sales Swimming Wave Pool

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Pneumatic Wave Pool 


Less than 70 decibels

Water area


Wave Height

0.9~1.2 m 

Wave-making methods

Air press wave generation

Wave types

6 kinds

Control System

PLC Automation Control

Unit power


Maximum passenger capacity


Wave pool water depth


Artificial Wave Pool Outdoor Water Park Wave Machine Durable Air Blowing Surf Wave For Hotel Beach

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pneumatic wave generation is also called air press wave generation. It is a artificial wave generator comprising of centrifugal blower, air compressor and special-made pipeline system,and etc. Wave height, wave interval and wave type and etc, can be controlled freely.It can make waves of 0.9 to 1.2 meters and show dozen types of wave, intelligent transformation.
The wave pool is a kind of artificial simulation wave, which makes visitors experience with realistic wave making effect. The wave pool is suitable for hot springs, hotels, water parks, etc. It has the advantages of easy management, low energy consumption and low noise. . The wave pool is becoming a fashion place that combines family, romance, joy and integration.
The artificial wave equipment can satisfy the people who grow in the inland countries to experience the thrill and atmosphere of the magical ocean. For water parks, making waves is also one of the most popular projects.

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Apply to: Water Park, Theme Park, Amusement Park ,Swimming Pool etc.

Pneumatic waves, also known as wind pressure waves, blast waves, centrifugal blowers, air compressors, special pipe systems and control systems, etc.
The artificial wave generating unit, under the intelligent control of the PLC, can automatically or manually control the wave height, wave interval, waveform, etc.
It is even possible to use remote control. Wave height can reach 1.1~1.5 meters, and it can display more than ten wave shapes, intelligent transformation, combined with artificial sand
Beach, in the happy water world, in the city, feel sand, sunshine, waves pleasant. The advantage of aerodynamic waves is that the area is designed to be flexible and intelligent.
Operation, easy management, low noise, good continuity of waves, etc.
Wave making is a multidisciplinary and comprehensive equipment project involving aerodynamics, wave mechanics, mechanics, electrical control systems, etc.

Subject discipline. The transmission of waves is a process of diffusion and energy consumption. Therefore, in design, often the deep water wave is high, the area is small, and the shallow water wave height is small.
Intensive wave pool equipment, large area, normal water depth of 1.5 ~ 1.8m, pool bottom slope of less than 8%. The shape design of the wave pool is very important.
The aerodynamic wave pool in Beijing, a good pool shape is conducive to the resonance, propagation and superposition of waves, which in turn affect the shape of the waves; the same wave making equipment
The shape of the pool is different, and there is a big difference in the size of the waves created.
The wave pool provides 9 kinds of wave making modes. The height can form a wave height of 1.5 meters, which is like surfing in the sea. After the wave is finished, it is a flat
During quiet relaxation, visitors can swim in the pool. Especially suitable for the whole family to experience together.

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A. Intelligent, wave-making machine can be fully automatic unmanned control, but also can manually control the waves.
B. Environmental protection. The equipment is free of oily sewage and the noise is relatively small.
C. The effect of wave making is real and the continuity is good. The wave height is between 0.6~1.2m.
D. A variety of wave shapes can be designed and intelligently switched.
E. Mature technology, stable equipment operation and high safety performance. PLC intelligent control, energy saving.
F. The design is flexible and can be designed and packaged according to various geographical conditions.

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