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Magic Loop Water Slide Breathless Trilling Water Park Equipment Swimming Pool Fiberglass Slide

Magic Loop Water Slide Breathless Trilling Water Park Equipment Swimming Pool Fiberglass Slide

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Wooden frame & plastic film
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Water Slide

Magic Loop Water Slide breathless trilling water equipment Fiberglass slide

undefined  Product Specifications  undefined

Platform height


Section width


Floor area


Electric power


Tourist carrying capacity

 380 people / h /

Glide mode

 human body straight slide


 1 person/article

product size

undefined  Product Description  undefined

Magic loop (jumper) single body straight slide. The new international slide which  dropped nearly 90 degrees vertically, has created a thrilling arc in the transparent pipes at high altitude. The timid person refuses to play.
Magic loop - The only water slide with the vertical, allowing you to release your adrenaline indefinitely! A suffocating experience for visitors and viewers! From the moment the visitor enters the cabin of the loop, he begins to appreciate the thrilling process. Visitors face forward and hold their hands on their chests. They can also see the viewers under the facilities. During the countdown process, the tourists’ excitement grows stronger. 3...2...1... The cabin opened and visitors began a 39-foot-high free-fall movement that allowed the attraction of the earth to bring it into the high-speed, stimulating circular water slide.
The magic loop slide is made of translucent fiberglass reinforced plastic. Visitors are in tightly sealed cabins. With the countdown of 3.2.1, the sole pedals are opened. The water is lubricated by the 16-meter-high platform and the body is like a roller coaster. Sliding along a near-vertical slide tube at high speed. With a strong visual impact and viewing, the wait-and-see is also frightened.
When tourists fall rapidly, their hearts begin to hang in midair. The passengers are facing forward, arms crossed on the chest, and the audience is under their feet. When the countdown starts, the passenger's heart beats faster and faster. 3...2...1, after the valve opens the visitor  fall in a free-fall motion with acceleration, speeds up to 10m/s, with maximum momentum into the crazy 360-degree water ring! Strong impact and appeal, constantly attract tourists repeatedly. Remarks: The chute launcher can be used as a separate ride.
● High-speed start-up, visitors can enter the circular waterslide at speeds up to 40 mph (60 km/h)
● Acrylic-made transparent transmitters provide first-class visitors Field of View
● Visitors can see the tourists inside through the SilkTekTM Silky TechnologyTM translucent chute.
● Customized as a two-slide large loop. Visitors can compete against each other for intense competition.
● Available in many colors and combinations
● With Stronger visual impact and appeal, continue to attract tourists repeatedly
● The water launcher can be used as a separate ride

undefined  Product details  undefined

Slide body: 6-8mm; flange: 8-10mm
Platform height:16M
Section width:0.8M

undefined  Product Applications  undefined

Apply to: communities, amusement park, residential area, hotel resort and ect.

undefined  Product Features  undefined

The main body of the slide is made of FRP material, handmade paste system, with very strong applicability, hardness, safe and durable.


1.The main body of the slide is made of translucent glass steel material, which is hand-processed and has very strong toughness and hardness. It is safe and durable.
2. have a unique customer experience, so that playing also want to repeat the game;
3. stimulating security has a strong visual impact and appeal, continue to attract tourists to come and play repeatedly;
4. Land area: 21m*51m.

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Our products are controlled quality through below aspects.

High quality-1
1.Operator control stage:The quality of the product is controlled by the operator.
High quality-3
3.Inspector control stage:Set up full-time quality inspector, specialized in product quality control.
High quality-2
2.Class leader control stage:The team leader is responsible for the quality control of the whole team.

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In the transport of the international goods trade, involving the mode of transportation of many, including the Marine transportation, railway transportation, air transportation, river transportation, postal transport, road transport, pipeline transport, land bridge transport and by different combination of the mode of transportation of international multimodal transport, etc.

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