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Lazy River Water Park Lazy River Design Artificial River

Lazy River Water Park Lazy River Design Artificial River

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1 Set
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Wooden frame & plastic film
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Lazy River

Lazy River Water Park Lazy River Design Artificial River

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 Artifical lazy river



Land area

 100-1000meters or customized






Float rate

Normally 0.4m/s

Tide and wave

Generated from special engine room


Rockery or LED screen back ground, stage

Power unit and accessory

Air pressure pump,Stainless steel filtration PLC control, stainless steel grilling and etc
Age GroupAll of age

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The lazy river is artificial river,it is a ring-shaped river with a length of 100 to 1000 meters or longer. It is rich in landscapes along the river, and there are strange rock formations.Also set up a variety of  splash pad toys and other pleasant landscape elements, creating a black hole vortex, tropical rain forest and other different experiences.



When you play the lazy river, you will feel happiness is really simple, lying in the floating raft,drifting around the water,enjoying the sunshine,after busy work and experience water sport,the beauty of life can also touching you ,Drifing along the stream,sometimes we meet the interesting natural surging waves,spraying pillars,islets,interacting spray animation and other amusement element.In such surrounding,we enjoy ourselves ,and make ourselves safe and peaceful.


The lazy river is one of the most popular equipment in the water park and can be customized according to your layout .

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Apply to: Water Park, Theme Park, Amusement Park ,Swimming Pool etc

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1, with high passenger flow and high popularity;

2, combined with entertainment elements and theme, to bring visitors an extraordinary entertainment experience;


3, the customer experience is unique, so that urban people can easily find a quiet and leisure here;

4, flexible design, can be designed according to different types of land, can be equipped with and  high-tech tidal devices according to customer requirements.

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