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largest wave pool blowing air park Wenwen Brand company

largest wave pool blowing air park Wenwen Brand company

Largest wave pool blowing air park Wenwen Brand company

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Wooden frame & plastic film
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Company Advantages
1. We are specialized in offering our clients an excellent array of new wave pools.
2. Guangzhou Wenwen Sports Equipment Co., Ltd is familiar with the sales network in big wave pool area. Wenwen water slide is made of high-performance glass-fiber composite materials
3. The design of Wenwen water park equipment is innovative, diversified and attractive. new wave pools,largest wave pool maximizes the giant wave pool on wave pool for sale..
4. Wenwen water park equipment can withstand the most challenging environments. big wave pool,huge wave pool, which is of largest wave pool feature, fits into the requirements for giant wave pool.
5. Wenwen surf wave pool can be designed based on various geographical conditions. The new wave pools,wave pool for sale know this fact well and offer high-quality custom big wave pool,huge wave pool.

Artificial Wave Pool Outdoor Water Park Wave Machine Durable Air Blowing Surf Wave For Hotel Beach

Wave System

Artificial Wave Pool Outdoor Water Park Wave Machine Durable Air Blowing Surf Wave For Hotel Beach

undefined  Product Specifications  undefined


Blasting Waves



Water area

control 600 to 30000 m2

Wave Height




Waves Six wave types

such as sawtooth and diamond waves

Control System

PLC Automation Control

Unit power


Maximum passenger capacity


Packaging Details

Carton or Wooden Box

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In the water area restricted by the additional concrete wind shield, the blasting wave is generated by means of a blower through the gas distribution chamber. The pipes, valves and the wind shield are connected, and the air in the wind shield is periodically changed by the valve. Each cycle can be divided into two and a half cycles. During the first half of the cycle, the high-pressure and high-flow gas is pressed into the hood from the air inlet of the blower (the exhaust port is closed), and the water is discharged from the hood, before the hood. Peaks form; after the second half of the cycle (air inlet closed), the vents open. At this time, a certain pressure difference forms between the storm and the atmospheric pressure. Water is pushed into the hood, and the gas is discharged through the exhaust port, so that the water is in front of the hood. Form troughs. According to the different wave-making methods, wave pools, plungers, and air blasts are commonly used in wave pools, and the waves can be controlled by calculations (the mechanical flaps are used to adjust the vibration angle of the airfoil. The plunger type adjusts the waveform change by changing the number of revolutions of the mechanical part) and the wave making cycle is short, usually 2.5-3.1s/time (the mechanical water-retaining plate type and the plunger-type wave making wave-making period are respectively 3-5s/times. ,3.5-10s/times.
The functional principle of the blasting wave pool The straight side length of the deep water section of the wave pool should be 1/3 of the length of the pool, and a fan-shaped or trapezoidal wave that expands to 15 degrees on one or both sides In the area, the bottom of the pool has a flat bottom of about 5.0m from the wave making machine room, and then the bottom of the pool rises uphill to the shallow water end of ±0.000 level with a slope of 6%-8%. The wave pool should be set at the end of the shallow water area, and a sand and gravel filter layer should be provided within the drainage channel; a foam zone should be provided on the bottom side of the end step. The wave machine room shall be located at the deep water end of the wave pool. High-pressure centrifugal fan shall be used as the wind source. The frequency-variation adjusting machine, governor and inverter box shall be used to form the air door frequency adjustment system and be controlled by a programmable controller. In order to prevent the return of the pool water to the wind turbines, the fan is installed 2.0 meters above the water surface.
When waves are generated, the air is blown into the air chamber through the fan. When the gas reserves in the air chamber reach the set requirements, the air is blown to the air chamber by opening the damper, and the order changes the wind strength, resulting in the change of air pressure in the air chamber. The air in the air chamber fluctuates and forms waves. Blow-type wave making can be adjusted by the program can air chambers at the same time or offset air, deflated, the air chamber of the air chamber, the time difference oscillates, which results in the simulation of natural waves, surges, slanting waves and other effects. The wave length is 5-8m and the wave height is 60-120cm.

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Apply to: Communities, Amusement park, Residential area, Hotel resort and ect.

Pneumatic waves, also known as wind pressure waves, blast waves, centrifugal blowers, air compressors, special pipe systems and control systems, etc.
The artificial wave generating unit, under the intelligent control of the PLC, can automatically or manually control the wave height, wave interval, waveform, etc.
It is even possible to use remote control. Wave height can reach 1.1~1.5 meters, and it can display more than ten wave shapes, intelligent transformation, combined with artificial sand
Beach, in the happy water world, in the city, feel sand, sunshine, waves pleasant. The advantage of aerodynamic waves is that the area is designed to be flexible and intelligent.
Operation, easy management, low noise, good continuity of waves, etc.
Wave making is a multidisciplinary and comprehensive equipment project involving aerodynamics, wave mechanics, mechanics, electrical control systems, etc.

Subject discipline. The transmission of waves is a process of diffusion and energy consumption. Therefore, in design, often the deep water wave is high, the area is small, and the shallow water wave height is small.
Intensive wave pool equipment, large area, normal water depth of 1.5 ~ 1.8m, pool bottom slope of less than 8%. The shape design of the wave pool is very important.
The aerodynamic wave pool in Beijing, a good pool shape is conducive to the resonance, propagation and superposition of waves, which in turn affect the shape of the waves; the same wave making equipment
The shape of the pool is different, and there is a big difference in the size of the waves created.
The wave pool provides 9 kinds of wave making modes. The height can form a wave height of 1.5 meters, which is like surfing in the sea. After the wave is finished, it is a flat
During quiet relaxation, visitors can swim in the pool. Especially suitable for the whole family to experience together.

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The main body of the slide is made of FRP material, handmade paste system, with very strong applicability, hardness, safe and durable.


A. Intelligent, wave-making machine can be fully automatic unmanned control, but also can manually control the waves.
B. Environmental protection. The equipment is free of oily sewage and the noise is relatively small.
C. The effect of wave making is real and the continuity is good. The wave height is between 0.6~1.2m.
D. A variety of wave shapes can be designed and intelligently switched.
E. Mature technology, stable equipment operation and high safety performance. PLC intelligent control, energy saving.
F. The design is flexible and can be designed and packaged according to various geographical conditions.

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Our products are controlled quality through below aspects.

High Quality
1.Operator Control Stage:The quality of the product is controlled by the operator.
High Quality
3.Inspector Control Stage:Set up full-time quality inspector, specialized in product quality control.
High Quality
2.Class Leader Control Stage:The team leader is responsible for the quality control of the whole team.

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In the transport of the international goods trade, involving the mode of transportation of many, including the Marine transportation, railway transportation, air transportation, river transportation, postal transport, road transport, pipeline transport, land bridge transport and by different combination of the mode of transportation of international multimodal transport, etc.

Company Features
1. Wenwen has gained its popularity all over the world.
2. Guangzhou Wenwen Sports Equipment Co., Ltd's forward-looking technology helps its customers stay ahead of the industry.
3. Wenwen Sports Equipment offers quality new wave pools at the economical price. Get quote!
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