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Aqua play, also known as water toys, are the general name for all kinds of small water-playing equipment, they use a variety of cute cartoon shapes and fresh colors to create a water-spraying effect, the product range is rich and varied, the shape is unique, the color is bright, vivid and lovely, and the safety performance is high, as an auxiliary equipment for children's pools, it is also a landscape embellishment, which can add a lot of lively and interesting atmosphere, which is an indispensable item for water parks.

The aqua are generally divided into interactive water play, landscape water, cartoon slides, pirate ships, colorful and other theme series, which form a variety of themed types of water play area, including a variety of animal-shaped water slides, different shapes water play equipment, as well as water seesaws, water guns, water cannons, etc.

The aqua play is not only the best friends of the children, but also the ideal equipment for the family and Parent-child to interact with each other. They are very popular among tourists.

Apply to: parks, amusement parks, water parks, hotels, resorts


Available in a variety of colors and cartoon shapes

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