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How To Do Water Park Marketing Promotion


The water park is a new type of recreation and entertainment project that has emerged in the country for nearly two decades. It focuses on playing water and integrates leisure and entertainment. It is suitable for both men women and children. Due to the climate, the operating time of the water park has obvious seasonal characteristics. To attract more tourists within a limited time, marketing and promotion of water parks is very important. How can we do a good job in marketing the water parks? Based on years of experience in the construction of water parks, organize the following suggestions for your reference:

First, market positioning and brand positioning

This is the first step in the management of the water park and is a very important step. First, to analyze the target market of the water park, the market radiation of water parks is generally about two hours' drive. Second, analyze the spending power and habits of the target market groups, the competition conditions in the region, and the supporting facilities.

In terms of brand positioning, we must combine our own theme style and various aspects of advantages, the main play products and the needs of tourists, find out their own strong, differentiated ad combinations and advertising images, and introduce reasonable park pricing. This step is the cornerstone of marketing and promotion of water parks. It is best to consider them well when planning project investment.

Second, the water park brand communication

Water parks are very explosive product. Therefore, we need to let more people know the information of water park management in a limited time. Effective communication is still important in the management of water parks. So what kind of communication is more effective? The following types can be used for reference:

1, local television media advertising, the advantage of this method is that it can transmit a large amount of information, and can spread sound, video images, and text combinations, covering a wide range of time, strong timeliness, and strong initiative, and can choose specific areas. The disadvantage is that advertising costs are very high and the impact is short.

2, newspapers and magazines and other print media, this method is a combination of the picture screen and the text. It has a wider coverage than the TV media. However, it also has a relatively long time to be circulated and affected, and the advertising cost is much lower than that of the television media.

3. Metropolitan media such as bus stops, train stations, buses, road signs, and street parade teams. This media is characterized by flexibility and diversity. You can choose precise regional delivery, you can choose the picture and text combination, you can also choose the combination of sound, video, and text, the flow of people receiving information is large, but the geographical coverage is limited, you can also deal with the cost of advertising can be very flexible , can be accurately based on the advertising budget and target area to launch, the cost is relatively not very high, but the effect is very good, for the water park's publicity is a very good choice.

4. Radio broadcasting media. There is only sound in this mode of transmission. The people who receive information are almost only taxis or private cars. The coverage is very limited, but it also has its own advantages: the advertising costs are relatively low, and driving the water park's self-driving tour is more powerful.

5, leaflets and posters spread. This is a more traditional mode of transmission, and it is also a common mode of transmission. There are three general approaches: 1) Distribute to more crowded places. The advantages of this method are its flexibility, strong geographical selectivity, and low transmission costs. The disadvantage is that it gives people a lower level of feeling and is likely to cause urban garbage, which will have a certain negative impact. 2) Promote to a specific community. If schools, units, companies, etc. are to be advertised, distributed, or pasted, this type of coverage is also very limited and requires certain social relations. 3) To travel agency or hotel display. Let's take it free with interest. This method has limited coverage, but it is highly accurate. In general, the dissemination of pamphlets and posters is a relatively low-cost method. Although the effect is limited, it is still worth our while.

6, network and new media communications, we used to say that the Internet has affected our lives, but now we cannot say this because the Internet itself is now part of the lives of people, especially young people.Network and new media marketing and dissemination Marketing is very effective in the marketing of water parks, and the relatively low cost of input and clear target groups is a good way.

7, the event spread. Event propagation refers to the practice of using certain competitions, public figures, etc. to attract tourists' eyes, and to create a wish to come over and raise the awareness of the water park. Changlong Water parks Global Bikini Competition is a good example. There are also many water parks or other scenic spots to follow, but the effect is not ideal. There are three key points to make the event happen: a. The idea must be new, it can instantly attract people's attention, and it must have a strong explosive force. b. Combine with other modes of communication, especially authoritative media. c. There must be continuity, but enough sensation is enough to complete the matter, only to continue to do so can produce effects.


Third, channel marketing

Water park marketing channels include various travel agencies, travel networks, group purchase networks, hotels with self-organizing functions, local station pull-off parties, channel agency companies, etc., which sounds complicated, single-name travel agencies a small and medium-sized cities travel agencies There are hundreds of them, and there are even more tens of thousands of first-tier cities, not to mention others. How do you deal with such a large and complex group of such important groups? I think the core lies in two words: interests. Their news is very well-informed. Basically, there is no official marketing. If you make a little advertisement, they will come to you. The main point of our work is that if we distribute profits and interest to them too much, our own interests will be less, and people will have more management costs. If we give them less profit, there will be no motivation for work, and we will naturally cope with it. The main reason for competition is that it is very unfavorable to its own operations. If distribution and the interests of channel providers, this is an art, but also a science, must not beat his head or listen to people flicker, when the popularity of scenic spots can give channel agents low profits, large quantities, can guarantee their income. When the scenic spots are not very popular, they must provide enough profits for them to ensure their income and ensure the popularity of the scenic spots. This should be carefully considered and handled flexibly.

Fourth, promotion

The so-called promotion is plainly the sweetness. The essence of the water park promotion is to attract great popularity. When several current marketing methods cannot achieve the ideal business results, the promotion becomes even more important. There are several ways to promote water parks. Everyone can refer to:

1, discounts on direct fares, and even free of charge. This is the most common form of promotion, mainly for a specific period of time, such as the opening period, workday, specific activities, etc., and there are special groups of people, such as children, students, the elderly, and so on. The specific rate of preference should be determined according to the actual situation and handled flexibly. I don't agree with the way of free-to-play promotions, except for the goal of not selling tickets. It's all about gathering popularity. This method of discounting for fare discounts should be used with caution and cannot be done with any effort. It must not be too intense because it has many aftereffects. After the discount period is over, tourists are accustomed to the discounted price and when the original price is restored, tourists will feel the price increase.

2, group promotions, If a family of 3 people come over, they can avoid the ticket of a child or the elderly. A couple can play half the price of a woman. More than 10 people from the group can come to play to avoid 1 or 2 tickets and other measures to encourage tourists to bring more people to play, increase the overall popularity of the water park, but also to the visitors feel is very humane.

3, bundled promotions.With the surrounding attractions, hotels, even gas stations and other bundles, a ticket system, to facilitate travel for tourists, but also have benefits, why not?

4, circulation promotion,A 3 or 5 USD cash voucher is given at the time of ticket purchase to encourage tourists to play again or introduce friends to play.

The method of promotion is flexible and diverse, but the general purpose is to attract more people to play and create better benefits for the scenic area.

Fifth, the upgrade of the water park

Most of the water parks, if they have not been upgraded at all, will gradually slow down their business in about three to five years. This is related to management and competition,The better the management, the smaller the competition. The slower the business slows down. However, most visitors may not be impulsive because they are not new to the facilities of the water park. Therefore, we suggest that water parks generally have to make small changes every year for more than three years, and there must be some major facilities upgrades every three years. In this way, visitors can maintain the freshness of the water park and thus generate impulses to spend many times

The marketing of water parks is aimed at creating profits and attracting popularity as a means. It does not necessarily say that every point is done very well. According to the target market, the target population's spending habits and spending power as well as their own marketing capabilities and cost budgets are the best choices for the marketing mix. Even if only one move fits, it is possible to succeed by simply taking this move to the extreme.