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How To Choose Water Amusement Equipment


With the improvement of people’s living standards, the residents’ entertainment methods have also undergone great changes and diversification. With the development of water entertainment, the water park project has been sought after by many investors. When a water park project enters the design stage, the choice of aquatic amusement equipment becomes an important issue for investors and water park manufacturers to consider and solve. When choosing water play equipment, it will be subject to a number of constraints and key considerations. We hope to provide some suggestions for customers who choose water play equipment.

1. Choose the right equipment based on funds

One of the most important factors directly affecting and constraining the selection of water park equipment is the size of investment funds in the preparation process of the water park, because it will limit investors' choice of products and water park manufacturers. Generally high-investment projects can be considered from large-scale projects with market appeal in order to align with the market and attract the attention of the tourists group; projects with low investment can consider the small and medium-sized water park equipment that the market is more popular with tourists. The allocation of investment funds should give priority to large-scale aquatic amusement equipment, and can also increase the investment in equipment packaging or theme packaging to create more attractive visitors by creating a theme of their own, while satisfying entertainment needs.


2. A reasonable combination of the park environment

Due to geographical differences, the seasonal differences across the country are more pronounced. Some cities have a long rainy season and a long winter. As a result, the actual operation time of water amusement equipment is reduced, the service life is shortened, and the comfort experience of tourists is affected. In particular, the outdoor water park project is greatly affected by weather conditions. Water amusement equipment is exposed for a long time and weathering is extremely fast. In the environment where the investment allowance allows and combines with the park, indoor parks and outdoor parks can be combined to reduce actual operating losses caused by weather conditions. According to the special environment of the park, we can choose the right water amusement equipment to highlight the theme of the water park.


3. Choose according to local consumption characteristics

The preliminary planning for the construction of the water park requires market surveys, including the selection of different types of large and medium-sized aquatic amusement equipment in the surrounding water parks, and the analysis of the age and preference of the tourist groups. The first step is to set the proportion of stimulating equipment and family relaxation items, and then According to their own funds to be screened and selected cost-effective amusement equipment, this highlights the personalized water park, on the other hand to meet the needs of tourists' preferences. At the same time, in the ratio of water park equipment in each area, at least one or more key projects should be considered in each area, which is more conducive to the diversion of tourists and attracting more tourists.


4. Focus on safety and ensure equipment quality

The safety of aquatic amusement equipment is the most important concern for investors after the park is opened. Therefore, large-scale projects and stimulating projects should select the aquatic amusement equipment that has passed the national inspection and has no accidents and major failures in the market. Better water park manufacturers cooperate to ensure normal opening of the park and prevent future equipment safety hazards.