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white water world rides River’s health fix vital

by:Wenwen     2019-08-31
The construction of the Trevallyn Dam in 1955 has had an increasingly harmful effect on the health of the river, as the population has increased, and the only open sewer in Tasmania state has the capacity to deal with the reduced amount of untreated sewage accordingly.No one is satisfied with the current situation.Alan Birchmore, chairman of the flood authority, is concerned that if there is no flushing of the South Esk, the upper reaches will pile up silt, the more silt, and in order to protect the city from disaster, the flood tax imposed must be higher.
From those who rely on tours or entertainment on the river, to those who only like a clean river flowing near the CBD, there is a clear aversion to the current situation.People who used to swim, canoe, row or sail upstream, or in fact, those who just liked to fix the Constitution next to it, perhaps walking on the wonderful road between the city and the arrival of the Ducks, if you don't worry about the potential impact of the level of intestinal bacteria in the third world, you can'tIn the past, NRM North arranged for analysis of water samples taken from different locations along the river.In developed countries, more than 250 per million per cent of S.
aureus levels require the public to be immediately informed through the media that there is a public health problem.However, the readings obtained by NRM North showed that household income exceeded 5000 per million and all the public saw some rusty warning signs by the river.Next to our city and where South Esk intends to cross the Cataract Canyon and create one of the main tourist attractions in the north, this hateful behavior is certainly no longer tolerated.
Last year, Tamar Yacht Club advised NRM North that the analysis of upstream waters should not be conducted once a month, but at least once a week, preferably on a regular basis.NRM North then revealed to the club that not only does the organization not intend to do more than one test per month, but they now intend to do any tests on the river in the next two years!As it is said, the problem with this river is the problem to be solved by the Launceston City Council.For example, given that it seems fairly unfair, for the purposes of the Hobart City Council, there does not seem to be a suggestion that $60 million be funded to dismantle the sewage treatment plant at Macquarie Pier for the benefit of the city.
In any case, people want to know how state governments can benefit millions of dollars from hydropower exports, however, it was subsequently claimed that only the Launceston Commission had to pay a fine for untreated sewage in stagnant water and undiluted water.Restoring the flow of the Southern Esk along the canyon, as well as the ability to condense or reduce it as needed, would greatly help to clear most of the silt that would otherwise endanger the city's banks.In addition to restoring the main tourist attractions of Launceston and providing first-class whitewater kayaking, this flow can also greatly dilute the level of intestinal Seria upstream.
The occasional flood must have washed out the silt, and sometimes the silt stains that flow out of the estuary and flow into the Bass Strait can indeed see the effectiveness of this.Of course, there are also periods where the flow of water down the canyon has decreased a lot, but, we now have a dam and many people who live by the lake behind it will be happy to keep one.If the flow from the Trevallyn Power Station of 70 cumecs is not used, then it is clear that the flow can be released from the Trevallyn Dam and released together with the larger version available.
It is indisputable that the uninterrupted flow of water in the canyon will benefit our local tourism industry.Currently, the release provided by hydro is no more than about 2 dribble.5 cumecs.On last September, Hydro released 25 cumecs of water every three days to allow white water movement in the event that it was then described as a world-class venue by the index.
At the same time, the flow of water in the upper reaches also promotes rapid flow.Therefore, during the three-day water conservancy project, about 19,000 m³ of the silt was cleared.It is clear that the ability to provide variable and significant traffic in the canyon will provide many benefits.
on May 2.
Her revelations are astonishing in the extreme, though apparently not enough to elicit any response from the Greens!Their attention to the environment clearly does not extend beyond the forest, and of course, the environment in which Launceston residents live and entertain tourists does not seem to extend beyond the forest.Maybe the Greens want us all to leave!TasWater is aware of the upstream level of enteroseria, and there is an urgent need to update Launceston's aging sewage treatment system.The cost, however, is clearly hundreds of millions of dollars.
Even at this cost, the current forecast is no less than suggesting that the amount of raw sewage upstream may be reduced by a small amount.Perhaps.Seven years later.Perhaps.Over the past 20 years or so, politicians here have often promised hundreds of millions of dollars or half a billion dollars there, along with other endless symbolic examples.This is enough to show that people believe that fiddling around the edge of the problem is the best way to solve the problem.
At the same time, our river has become a disaster and nothing has happened.People really want to know how the candidates who are elected year after year are doing their best, and they just say they will "lobby for funding ".However, Andrew Nikolic, a liberal of Bath, recently provided some Commonwealth assistance, to be fair, who will put their political career on the claim that they will arrange to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to eventually raise 18 cents?This is at best a naive hope that the prospect of attracting voters to fund such a solution immediately is simply misleading them.
It is, of course, drought;There has been drought before, and there will be drought in the future. of course, all the hydropower we can produce at the moment needs to break even.We must insist that the delegates we elect must commit that no small portion of the electricity will be exported to the mainland until the turbines at the Trevallyn Power Station are shut down and put into maintenance, and the canyon is restored to the owner.
Moreover, the cost of achieving this cannot be considered solely as a responsibility of the state government or the City of Launceston.After that, we may be prepared to continue listening to our politicians telling us that they are looking for funding for improved rain and sewage systems, in order to finally get rid of all the insults that we see the feces we know floating in Tamar
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