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white water world rides Daniel Watkins and Kate Eckhardt at under-23 canoe slalom world championships

by:Wenwen     2019-09-01
Tasmaniaxa0Kayak playerxa0Daniel Watkins and Kate Eckhartxa0Will represent countries under AustraliaAt the age of 23, he participated in the world sports championships in Ivrea, Italy.The two were outstanding players in the World Cup's top-level competition, taking part in the first of three tournaments earlier this year.K1 and C1 national champion Watkins look forward to his final game23 World Championships"I have confidence in the people below.
23 years after the World Cup.
"I have the best option of all time this year and I am really happy to be able to build on the success of the last three weeks," he said ."."Know this is my last year underwater.At the age of 23, I really wanted to play in two finals this year and be able to put down what I know I can do, and the best result is definitely in two finals."I'm really happy to hear about my last game on this course at Ivrea.
I think it has a very natural feeling that suits me very well.Eckhart saidxa0The pressure on K1 and C1 events will be reduced, ending 15 times in the last World Cup women's K1 in Augsburg."I try not to have too many expectations, but to have goals, my goal is to enter the finals of these two categories and do my best in the finals, see where this puts me, "said Eckhart.
"I like two boats for different reasons, like every lesson, I just like racing."Yves REIAxa0One of my favorite courses in the world.xa0It was a very difficult course (white water wisdom) and it was right in the middle of the Italian town, giving it a great atmosphere.
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