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white water world rides Campaign to save the Franklin River

by:Wenwen     2019-09-01
This is a matter of putting environmental issues on the national agenda and leadingxa0Bob Brown won Denison's seat and became the first Green member of the Tasmanian Parliament building.The Franklin movement consolidated the party's role in politics, after the birth of the Green Partyxa0Ten years ago, the campaign to save Lake ped was unsuccessful.Ultimately, the High Court ruled that legislation from the federal Labor government could hinder state plans to build water and electricity facilities.
Electricity Commissionxa0Damxa0The flood flooded Franklin on the Gordon River.But after years of turmoil, public opinion shifted from one side to the other.Today, strain is a popular tourist destination, and many people think that the kataklin River is the best white water rafting destination in the world.
"It's not because it's the biggest, it's not even because it has the most thunderous rapids," Dr. Brown said ."."It's because it's wild.This is the wilderness.His campaign began in 1976 when his running mate, Paul Smith, asked him to follow raft with him."It's so unusual-we 've never seen another person, no buildings, no fences, no roads, no houses.
"We saw the platypus and the eagle, and by our side there were white petals from leather floating by the riverxa0Canyons and waterfalls.The view was amazing, then we came to the corner of the Gordon River and suddenly the helicopter, Jack Hammer, exploded.Just then, Dr. Brown decided that he had to do something and saved it with some other key figures.
"A meeting was held here.
xa0In June 1976, there, Tasmanian Wilderness Association was established from a number of environmental groupsxa0He ran for Lake Peide.Hexa0Put most of the money he earned as a doctor into the cause, and in 1978 volunteers in the maintenance Wilderness Association office had to leave, so Dr. Brown accepted the job.Over the next seven years, he was "fully engaged" in the campaign.
It includes state and federal political lobbying, media attention, advertising and peaceful protests.Said: "Bob, if you can prove that the Tasman is against Gordon --below-Franklin Damm, I put it in the front.So Dr. Brown and Mr. Smith went back to Franklin and took a video with their hands.
Film camera boundThey bought half.
Hours on commercial televisionxa0In the middle of the film, tatsloto was released and their film was shown."All of a sudden, all the people in tazhou knew Franklin.Then I did a poll that showed that most of the tazhou people wanted Franklin to be saved.
So I gave it to Michael Courtney and he put it on the front page.However, when Hydro officially announced the dam plan, they warned that there would be power outages and unemployment if the plan did not continue.Public opinion began to turn to another way, and while the baklin River was still strong, support for it became a minority.
In 1982, pro-Robin Gray, dam prime minister, was elected."At that stage, we have two major political parties, two houses of parliament, all three newspapers, almost all trade unions, chambers of commerce, all big businesses,xa0"I am in favor of the Franklin Dam," Dr. Brown said ."."So it looks pretty bleak and in this case I had a meeting here and the activists were a little frustrated.
But we have come to the conclusion that although there is life, there is still hope.18 months later, the river was saved."A lot has happened in those 18 months.The Franklin Dam became the subject of the federal election, and the Wilderness Society broadcast color television and newspaper advertisements nationwide.The activists also heldxa0This became the famous blockade.
Six-thousand non-Violent protesters headed to strain,xa01500 persons were arrested and some 500 persons were imprisoned.The protesters, including Dr. Brown, were kissed.The dam invigilators during the dispute."There are a lot of uncomfortable places.Stopping the dam was Bob Hawk's first act as prime minister after winning the election in 1983, and the only problem he solved on the night of his election.But this is not the end of the heated debate, becausexa0Prime Minister Tasman challenged the decision in the High Court.
Therefore, they have to make a decision between the powers of the federal government to support a treaty, a World Heritage treaty for the protection of the region, which states have the right to manage land, including rivers, as they wish.Four judges voted against three to uphold the power of the federal government."It took me months to get out of the crisis I was going through, but over time I saw Franklin getting happier and happier.
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