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white water the history of white water kayaking - extreme sports

by:Wenwen     2019-09-14
To find the start of kayaking, we went to the Inuit in the Arctic, the first inventor of the kayaking and kayaks we know today.The first kayak was made of wooden frames and then covered with seal skins to provide a sturdy frame and a waterproof lining.The kayak has a small hole in the middle of the structure, where the kayak sits;Inuit people mainly hunt with these kayaks.
These early designs have changed a lot depending on your area, because different environments and different cultures require different needs, whether hunting or transportation.Most of these areas have two main designs;The first one is quite short and wide, mainly used to transport some items, with stable design and easy to use.This is popular among Inuit people as it can be used by most communities, and because of the diverse environment necessary to transport food, clothing and other necessities.
The second design is long, fast, used at sea and mainly for hunting.This design is more difficult to master and will only be used by people in the community when they go out to sea for hunting.As these designs are more difficult to master and operate, the death of many hunters unfortunately leads to many of the original designs.
The kayaks have seen a lot of materials used for frames and outer layers that have changed significantly over the past few years.The first kayak includes a wooden frame covering the skin;When Europeans landed on the coast and turned into fabrics, things changed.These materials lasted for many years until the introduction of fiberglass in the 1950 s.
In 1984, we saw the introduction of the first plastic kayak, which is still used in most kayak designs today.The modern-Day kayaks are designed to be sturdy, lightweight and adaptable as they can be found in many environmentsIncrease the number of tasks assigned to them.The current interest in white water rafting and kayaking was designed by John McGregor, who designed the first canoe, which he designed based on a sketch of the Inuit kayak.
In 1866, he set up a canoe club with other canoe and kayak enthusiasts.McGregor held the first regatta in 1873 and began to use it as a competitive sport as a sport, which has increased interest and now it has become part of the Olympic Games program, including some top athletes
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