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water slide supplies Rural Women’s Award win for Western Australian community leader Tanya Dupagne

by:Wenwen     2019-08-28
Innovators and philanthropistxa0Tanya DuPanexa0Won 2017 National Award for rural women in agricultural futuresxa0Farmer creator George Simon Kane, National Runner-up.The news was announced tonight at the Parliament House in Canberra.MS DuPanexa0Wheat Belt from Western Australiaxa0Will receive a $10,000 grant from Westpac (adding her $10,000 grant as a winner in Washington state) to further advance her award winning program --Camp project to support women's leadership skills and abilities in Western Australia-In addition, as a national champion, he also assisted in the speech.
Dupagne MS is the director of Camp Kulin, where hundreds of volunteers contribute to improving the lives of WA children by teaching them life skills, leadership and selfconfidence.The Kulin camp also offers scholarships for those who have suffered from childhood trauma or face emotional challenges.Simon Kane, 2017 National runner-up from South Australia, will create three new resources for educating children, in her successful "farmer George" story and the focus on educational resources for life on the land on a wide range of occupations that may arise in the field of agriculture, and features her other popular role, Dr.
Ruby, a talented agronomistDupagne MS said she was grateful for the opportunity offered by the award."It just shows that even in remote areas like Kulin, you can doxa0Different, "said MS DuPane."The scholarship will enable me to really strengthen the pilot program for women's camps.
xa0The project will provide individuals for women living and working in rural and regional areasxa0Self-improvement and leadership skills trainingRespect and equip themxa0Take a leadership role in your own community and initiate change.Prior to her, Dupagne MS held summer camps and youth events for high-risk children around the worldxa0Kulin camp was set up four years ago."When a resident first called, I had to turn to Google Maps to find the location of Kulinxa0I was invited to visit in 2013, "said MS Dupagne.
"When I saw the incredible accommodation, pool, waterslide and venue at Camp Kulinxa0Sit in whitbelt, Washington, 280 km south-In eastern Perth, I told my friends, family andxa0My colleague who movedNow, under the guidance of MS DuPane, hundreds of volunteers have contributed to improving the lives of Washington statexa0By teaching children life skills, leadership and selfconfidence.Also available in Camp Kulinxa0Scholarships for those affected by childhood trauma or emotional challenges."There are great opportunities in rural and regional Australia, not just traditional onesxa0Agricultural industry.
"I'm really excited to help spread the news of agricultural futures.xa0Award for rural women,xa0This offers a lot of opportunities for women like me.John Harvey, managing director of agricultural futures Australia, congratulated MS du Paine and said shexa0The impact on volunteers and participants in Kulin camp and the Kulin community is the best example of leadership.
"Tanya is a real example of agricultural futures.xa0Award for rural women.She has the motivation and ability to create real change, and she has the ability to createxa0New industries in the whittbelt, in turn, will support other rural and regionalxa0"Enterprises in the supply chain," Harvey said.2017 National runner-up, Kane MSxa0Will build on her successful "farmer George" story and educational resourcesxa0About life on landKane MSxa0Discover the lack of children's books on land in Australia and start workxa0Create three new resources for educating childrenxa0It is possible to engage in a wide range of occupations in agriculture.
They lead the story with farmer George and her other popularxa0Dr. Ruby, a genius agronomist.Closed on Sunday, October 29
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