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water slide supplies No City Slider for Launceston this summer

by:Wenwen     2019-08-28
Organizers have blocked the return of a huge street water slide to the city streets as they fear they won't get the same popular response this summer.On last February, Launceston was Australia's first city to launch a 325-meter slide.Last year, a number of Australian cities, including Hobart and Devonport, had "slippery" slides, selling 3500 tickets in Launceston, attracting more than 8000 curiousCity Slider co-Founder Matt Elmer says Launceston has given way to other cities waiting in line for their turn.
"We want to look at every place and do it every two years," Elmer said .".Wollongong is the only city in Australia where a return visit will take place.New locations this summer are Canberra, Gosford, Townsville and Kuranda rainforest near Cairns.
Elmer is worried that a return visit to tazhou will not meet expectations within 12 months.The City Slider hopes to bring the slides back to Launceston on December 2016 or January 2017.Elmer said Launceston was one of the top three last summer.
‘‘It was huge -The event sold out in just a few weeks, he said."This is the first thing we do. it's huge.Since then, Elmer says, he has parted ways with business partner Stuart Harris, who has decided to focus on the Oktoberfest of "Hobbit.Mr. Harris did not respond to the examiner's call on Friday.
Elmer said the Launceston City Council fully supported the concept behind the huge water slide.Council general manager Robert dobrski said it was "a pleasure" to witness the national unveiling of the City Slider "."There is no guarantee that the city slider in Launceston will be an annual event, but of course we would like to see it again here one day," said Mr dobritzski .
dobritzski said the organizers did not apply for funding assistance in order to bring the event back this summer
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