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water slide supplies New CSG powers 'a win for water'

by:Wenwen     2019-08-28
According to the new law announced by the Gillard government on Tuesday, the federal approval power for coal-bed methane wells and large coal mines will be expanded.The federal cabinet has approved the extension of federal environmental powers to cover the potential cumulative impact of new wells and mines on water-a move that independent lawmakers have been asking to form a government in 2010 since Tony Windsor agreed to support Labor.The decision to incorporate water as a trigger into the federal Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Protection Act came at a time when many marginal voters stepped up their campaign against the coal bed gas program, although the new state government recently decided to implement twoThe kilometer buffer zone between natural gas wells and townships or farms, and the withdrawal of AGL's plan to expand its project in Western Sydney.
The government plans to approve the water trigger through legislation as soon as possible.The coalition says there is no need for increased power and they may face constitutional challenges.Ian McFarlane, spokesman for energy and resources for the coalition, said the federal minister has been able to participate in project approval and there is no reason to expand federal power.
Mr Windsor insisted that it was "nonsense" to suggest that the move was against the constitution ".The announcement was "a victory for the water and the water-dependent agricultural sector," he said Tuesday "."I have been driving a process that a community can trust," Mr Windsor said .
The Commonwealth has been seeking negotiations with states on project approvals and has signed agreements with Victoria, South Australia and Queensland.Environment Minister Tony Burke accused the new state of refusing to use the best science in making a decision.Michael O'Brien, the Victorian Energy and Resources Minister, said the deals would be at risk.
Windsor told the media last month that,On this day, the Gillard government had to deliver on its 2010 promise.The new state has shown that they are not serious.They did not try to solve the real problem, that is, the cumulative impact of many mines on water.
I'm not bluffing.
I'm not going to let it slip.
There can be no further delay, he said.
The government's expert science team raised concerns about the cumulative impact of Queensland's $40 billion southern gas industry on groundwater supply
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