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water slide supplies Big plans to grow King Island festival

by:Wenwen     2019-08-28
The three-The daytime activity on the island this weekend already has adrenaline.pumping 100-A metre of water flows through the sand dunes, live performances and raft races.But surfing is more passionate-The pre-holiday show is just something in the wish for the future --list.
The unique festival on Bass Strait island is the idea of King George.Mr. George grew up on the island and his parents still lived there, but he now lives in Brussels and goes home twice a year to make sure the festival continues.He said he came up with the idea of the festival after launching the Save King's Island Facebook page, when the slaughterhouse of the page was closed and about 200 people were unemployed in 2012.
Australian musician Kim Churchill wanted to help and offered to bring other musicians to the island.This is the beginning of live music becoming a major feature.Ideas for Other festival events come from typical experiences during the growth of King Islanders.
George said that when he was young, the raft race and the grass sled race on Henry Street were common activities on weekends.Located on Henry Street, it is home to the iconic water slide of the festival.Yogi Ashley, a slide lover who helped make slides, said that slides are getting stronger and faster every year.
"It's just over 100 long now," he said .
""This is the first time we have done so, and we are shocked by how popular it is."We have a bigger line than wet and wild."It's a real explosion for everyone to get everyone involved.Despite the cold and windy weather, the water slide yesterday was of great use.
The festival also helps bring joy and support to the community as it loses one of its important buildings to onexa0Caught fire last week.On Friday, musicians spent most of their afternoon busy near bars and bakeries to raise money for the affected people.The festival will continue today at the port, where Sarah Ashley, Laura Hill, Kim Churchill and Sean Kirk will perform.
About 300 people attended yesterday's event and a similar number is expected today.For more information about the festival, please visit foki.com
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