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water slide paint Launceston gets icy for motor neuron disease

by:Wenwen     2019-09-11
Last Saturday, more than 40 Estonian people plunged into the cold pool for the freezing of Launceston.Ofxa0Activity is one of the many activities in the countryxa0This raised funds for fimnd, all of which were used for motor neuron disease research.Participantsxa0Including financial director Peter gutwen, TV show host Joe Palmer, Launceston aldman Jani fenli and formerAFL player Paul HudsonFounder and patron of the charity, formerMelbourne Football Club coach Neil Daniel attended the event at the Quadrant Mall.
Together with mnd in 2014, his mission was to help find ways to treat the disease.He said he was happy with the turnout."It was a very good turnout and what a wonderful day it was in tazhou," he said ."."We are very grateful to the people of Launceston and Tasmania for their support.
"We are overwhelmed by support, and we know that the disease is underfunded, so every dollar is important.At the event, tin collection and sales of frozen peas raised nearly $6,000, whilexa0Participants.Together with the related dance parties, more than $110,000 was raised for the mnd research.
Organizers hope the final statistics will exceed 2016 this year.xa0Total.Health Minister Michael Ferguson personally donated $500 to the cause before risking the icy water slide on Saturday morning.He commented that the day was a showcase of Launceston's generosity.
"I think it's a great cause, and I think if the member supports it that way, thenxa0"It inspires others to be able to provide what they can," he said ."."I think this event shows that Launceston is a model of community generosity and we know it's a terrible disease."People feel helpless unless there is an organization like this that gives people an opportunity to make a contribution to change.
The big frozen event began in 2015, and during the annual Melbourne birthday clash with Queen Collingwood, AFL celebrities and Australian celebrities slid into the ice bath.The event raised more than $4 million.Since its inception in 2015, fimnd has raised $15 million for mnd research
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