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water slide paint Gorge pool closed for Australia Tourism Awards

by:Wenwen     2019-09-10
Next week, the Cataract Canyon pool will be closed before the national event..Pool will be refilledxa0The Long March weekend reopened.Prepare for the awards ceremony on Friday, March 1.
Mayor Albert van zeteng said the changes would be implemented "in a short period of time."We know that in the warm weather people like to come here and swim in the pool, but unfortunately the pool will be closed from Friday," he said ."."Winning here means that there will be 800 people, leaders from all over Australia who are interested in traveling and recommend it to tourists around the world and bring them here.
Cr van Zetten said the event will bring millions of people to the city."It means that there will be 800 people in our city, maybe two or three nights, which will bring two or 3 million people to our city."It will be a great event," he said ."."But it will be a bit disappointing for some of our residents because they can't use the pool.
Canyons and basins are still available to the public.On March 2, the Council will host a community event featuring free barbecues, giant water slides and face paintingxa0As a way to give back to society.Music in the park will also be held in the canyon to end the 2019 season.
"We realized that this would cause a little inconvenience to our locals," said Cr van Zetten .".The new playground is expected to be completed in the next two weeks.The nature-Built a playground at the same level as the existing public facilities, which makesxa0Easier access to new sites.
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