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by:Wenwen     2019-09-08
The water park is a water park in Dubai and the Middle East that specializes in providing the best experience for marine life experience, marine animals and zoo life.Aquaventure is located in Atlanta, Palm Island, along Crescent Road, Dubai-UAE.The water park features slides and zip lines.
What is the expectation of water park?Face sharks, Stingray and fish underwater.Hair stays dry throughout the underwater experience.With incredible features, rides and marine life experiences, the Water Adventure water park has no chance for the most exciting encounters.
The beef and nose ray feeding experience is a spectacular marine life experience at the water park.Walk into the shallow water area of the shark lagoon at the water park and feed the cattle nose ray with your hand.This is one of the most famous attractions of the water park.
There are the most exciting rides and water slides.The world's largest water slide is located here.It is often called a waterslide within a waterslide.
Here, you will experience the twists and turns that end in the belly of the water dragon fish;Water slide-pausewithin-a-This is the Atlanta Theme Aquarium.The tunnel in The Lost Room also increased the feeding time for marine life.In the lagoon you can interact with marine creatures such as reel fish, rays.
The marine life in the water adventure shows the best side by interacting with the marine life and feeding theme.Some marine life is;There are four types of cabins in the water park;Extra-Children under the age of 16 should be under constant supervision.Eye-Drinking is prohibited in water parks.
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