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by:Wenwen     2019-08-29
I doubt that the price of gasoline in the state is high.xa0Two points of sale at Scamander can sell $1 in gasoline.26-9.Why can't other shops with high prices reduce their prices to that price?—L.
Morton of bomarisMentioning that the owner of the Gunns pulp mill site may make this proposal againAll the Greens and nimbies of Tamar Valley are back to their high immediately and ready to go all out against it.Whether our children find it almost impossible to find a job, or our state is considered No.Free loaders produced by larger, richer states.
Everything will be fine as long as we have an original environment and no ugly factory.No, no.We live in a real world, we have to have an effective economy, and our double barriers to small scale and transport costs in the Bass Strait mean that without the large industries of economies of scale, we will really struggle.Large industries can find better, greener ways to operate, but if they get opposed every time before they are built up and financially viable, they won't do so.
—Malcolm McCulloch, the bagpipe River.
, January 13).
They want to know why people commit crimes again.—A.R.Trossen, needle.Ofxa0Labor is desperate for Prime Minister Tony Abbott to showxa0Expand the scope of GST.Of course, it flounces the alliance and even raises the possibility --Taxes on goods and services in particular may apply to fresh food, education and health.
But the Labor Party is keenly aware that,xa0The future government wants to balance the budget or cut spending.xa0Or a significant increase in income.Labor wants the coalition to do so.xa0Hard workLabor will not be done, but it will be accepted happily.xa0Benefits.Labor.xa0Protest against the launch of the GST and promise to take office,xa0Will be revoked.
They are always joking when they quickly realize that "this is a gold mine.The Loom of deja vuxa0On this issue, Australians should ignore politically motivated protests against the discussion of raising the GST and consider its basic principles.—Trevor Cowell in PerthAS a past co-, January 5).
Here, we may have the last auxiliary transaction of composite buildings anywhere on the Australian coast, hoping not to be forgotten on rusty slides.Wouldn't it be great if under the permission of the owner was able to get the money for the estate and start a conservation program to work for the Launceston people before they arrived at the point of no return.—Leedham walker, Flinders Island.TASWATER should immediately stop all dividends paid to all councils in the state of Tasmania until the water quality in areas where residents are currently boiling water for health reasons reaches an acceptable level.
This is a problem that the council encountered when it was in charge of the water, but at that time no measures were taken to solve the problem and is now making a profit from their slack.TasWater should make this a priority to bring all the water quality of all tasmania people to a safe level.—David Parker from West LauncestonAccording to the latest gasoline price report, Tasman's income in gasoline retail prices is again much higher than in other states.
If we wait for action from the Australian Competition and Consumer Council,xa0We have to wait until next Christmas.The toothless tiger of the regulator used a slap in the face again and again to get serious criminals away.Why are the two biggest players in Tasmanian retail gasoline, Coles and Woolworths, in other states, the price is about 99 cents per liter and we still pay $1.
32 a litre?Retailers and ACCC will argue that in other states the sales volume is much higher and we can cut prices, but it is available from Tasman's drivers.Shame.It's time to provoke others.—Steve Hancock of NorwoodSome facts need to be stated in a reply to P., January 10).The number of jobs in the forestry sector has been declining for several years, and no matter how many forests are available for logging, timber has been a major employer for decades.
Mines have been closed due to safety factors, lack of ore or low prices, which makes them uneconomical.The fact that the pulp mill has not been built cannot result in loss of jobs because no one has ever been hired.On the other hand, gunns's futile efforts to build it led to hundreds of layoffs in their other businesses.
Launceston and the surrounding areas need more jobs, but this requires investors with vision, innovative thinking and confidence in local residents.—Tim Thorn in LauncestonAfter moving from Sydney to retirement, I have lived in Tasmania for more than four years.From a city that doesn't seem difficult to provide drinking water for more than 4 people.
To say the least, 5 million people saw a warning on my water bill to boil the local water before drinking, and I was surprised.I thought I had moved to Tasi but I felt that I ended up going to India or Pakistan due to some mistakes.This information has been on every bill, and I was wondering if the person who supplied the Water thought it was telling us that the water was not drinkable, that it was not drinkable, and that they were relieved of their obligation to actually supply the drinking water.
We will definitely pay for it, or at least I will, because I hope I can get the price I pay.Not so I fear.Every time I ask this question to a local water employee, I get the answer that will appear in a few months.It's irritating when it turns out to be so obvious that it's not true in real time.
I would love to deduct money before TasWater gets clean (it's hard to use our water) and can give us a reliable and reasonable time to expect what we pay.However, we had to sit still, and a group of bureaucratic time servers in TasWater announced that when the fees we paid were not guaranteed what we believed, they wanted to raise the basic rights of the rate, safe drinking water.Through a variety of different characters such as Ben Lomond Water and now TasWater, we are constantly being "quickly" thrown aside.
There's nothing better than this.
There is a fine brochure on each bill that tells us about the wonderful things TasWater is doing --Other places-But not in Fingal and related areas.Constantly rubbing this on the faces of me and others doesn't help to instill trust.I would suggest a partial pay strike until we get what we pay instead of filling in the pay of the bureaucrats, and the only solution for the bureaucrats is to raise interest rates rather than serve the people who make a living.
—PETER O'Malley, Finn Gore.
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