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water park fountain West Tamar Council takes next step in Legana Strategic Plan

by:Wenwen     2019-08-29
The West Tamar Council has given instructions on the layout of Legana.xa0City Center, released design for two squares within the project.It is builtxa0The main street entered the final stage.
Ofxa0Design features include garden bed, shade structure, seating, eightBicycle racks, general waste and recycling bins, fountains,xa0There is also a hedge that separates the Corner Park from the parking lot next to it.Christina hollmdahl, mayor of sitamar, said he was happy to see the project close to completion."It makes you optimistic about the road ahead, because there are obstacles to this project," she said .
It is in effect.
"I think it will completely change the face of the municipality when it is completed.The project is the schedule to be completedxa0October/November 2018 according to weather conditions
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