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swimming pools with slides to buy Pampered FIFO workers come back to earth with a bump | Video

by:Wenwen     2019-09-20
When you fly more than 2000 kilometers a week to work, you tend to accumulate a lot of frequent flyer points.For BHP Billiton's worker Nathan, who did not want to release his real name, has been on a plane for nearly 18 years.in fly-Out (first-in-first-Out) left him a "Golden State" of frequent passenger membership;Usually reserved for a strong cityJob-hopping executivesGold status regulars have the right to skip the airport line, travel with extra luggage and taste the food of the Qantas Club lounge.
But Nathan may not be able to live long.
From July 1xa0Hexa0No longer keep the thousands of frequent flyer points he earns every year.Eager to recover the loss-BHP Billiton and its partner, Mitsubishi, are working to reduce costs and make the Queensland coking coal sector profitable with frequent customer points being the latest employee benefits."They will save about $12 per seat, and frequent flyer status will give us extra points," Nathan said .
" He travels from Brisbane to moramba airport every week to work at BHP Billiton's Dania mine.While not cutting frequent flyer pointsxa0This is a major crime, and this is the latest in a long list of layoffs that change the way they live first.Incentives and huge salaries that used to work on Australia's remote mines and oil projects, as companies struggled to survive the downturn in commodity prices, the conditions faced by advanced first-out workers became less and less.
Some cuts are just irritating, but experts are concerned that other changes may have a serious impact on the health of Australia's most unique workforce.Before the turn of the millennium, the initial acronym word "first-in-first-out" hardly appeared.xa0Part of the dictionary.In those days most Australian mines have a residential labor force where miners usually work 5-day week.
As the commodity boom began to heat up around 2003, the mine began to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the shift began to extend in 12 directions.xa0Hours a day.The resource industry needs more labor to pump people out of cities and put them into work.With record profits rolling in, these companies can provexa0The new labor force between cities and mines must provide strong incentives to attract people to new occupations.
At the peak of resource boom in 2011, expertsxa0Estimatexa0More than 100,000 people work in flightin fly-Work all over Australia,xa0It's still a guess becausexa0Australian Bureau of Statistics is it:xa0Not Reservedxa0Accurate measurement of the industry.In the city of fixed-wage workers, stories of generous wages and generosity become legendaryxa0Being left behind due to rampant price inflation.Some skilled workers, such as Emerson Doyle, an oil and gas drilling specialist, stayed at home for eight months and did nothing, so once needed, their employers are ready to deploy their skills.
"I asked my employer at the time and I said, 'Are you sure you just want me to sit here and wait? '?"They said, 'Yeah, you're employed by our Baker, call us, '" he told the ferfax media '.".The new generation camp that comes first out is like an oasis in the desert with Meadows, swimming pools, tennis courts and swimming pools.xa0Foxtel is available in every room.Pluto LNG project in Woodside, built nearbyxa0At the height of the boom, construction workers can order almost any dinner they want, and a source recalls how he and his colleagues ate crayfish and barramundixa0Nights for months, in return for their hard work in wet, depressed conditions.
But those days have passed.
With fewer resource projects being developed, the balance of power is back in the hands of employers.The slump in commodity prices forced some coal mines to close, leaving thousands of workers unemployed.Doyle was fired from drilling work last year and after being ignored several times, he was forced to build his handyman business "house pride maintenance"xa0Job application.
"Obviously no one will give me a job, so I decided to fix some problems for myself," he said .".Doyle didn't blow his salary when times were good, but he still found itxa0Downturnxa0Financial challenges."I have a major mortgage and two investment properties and he said:" One of them I am currently selling in the market, it is just to supplement the work I am doing now, the work did not really pay the mortgage.
According to reports,xa0Help Pauline Hansen be elected first-in-first-out position in Queenslandxa0Last week.Nathan reported that the quality of food in Dania had recently "declined ".\ "Everyone goes from a stage of throwing money at everything to a stage where you have to tighten your belt.
.."The first call is to cut employee benefits," he said .".Serious cuts mean that many cleaners who first leave the camp are getting less and less, and the first-out staff can only make their own beds;Literal and figurative.In a worse climatexa0More and more people are asking advanced first-out workers to pay for some of the services they receive at the camp.
Resource companies pay much less to camp operators to do the same work, and profitsxa0Camp operators such as Sodexo and Civeo havexa0Plummeted.New sources of incomexa0Was found, soxa0More and more advanced first-out workers are provided with "user payment"xa0The option is that they can pay for "luxury goods" in the camp, such as larger beds, massages, or haircuts."This is definitely an area of growth," said John Sheridan, executive director of Camp operator ESS Support, which operates camps for BHP Billiton's iron ore division and Chevron's Wheatstone LNG project.
\ "We get feedback from (workers) about what they want to see, and then we enhance our users --"The paid service is actually aimed at the typical type of things that advanced first-out users want to see on the site and are ready to pay," he said ."."Barista coffee is a coffee that has already appeared...Massage services are also available.ESS has begun to provide "make your own pizza" ingredients to first-in-first-out workers with the aim of feeding camp residents with fewer chefs.
Sheridan admits that most camp operators have reduced the number of on-site cleaners and chefs, but says the first-in-the-first-out employees are still getting "a wonderful experience ".\ "If you might do cleaning a few times a week, you might reduce it to one or two times a week, so you're still cleaning by excellent standards," he said: "It's just that you don't clean up often. ".A mining executive, who declined to be named, said that the first-in-first-out camp has begun to be similar to Shangri-La.
In the prosperous Los Angeles, the belt should have been tightened.Dr. Anne Siebel, community psychologistxa0She took her PhD in advance,xa0Not particularly concerned about crayfish disappearing from the camp.xa0But like many advanced researchersxa0She was worried about the roster.
"What I am worried about at the moment is companies with stricter conditions."I just hope that the conditions for first-off workers are not shrinking," said Dr. Sibbel .".There are two trends in the first roster;The disappearance of prosperity means that fewer construction workers lead a life of first-in-first-out, and construction workers are usually people who work more than four weeks without rest.
But the other side of the story is the more severe economic environment that forces some companies to keep the roster longer and harderxa0Staffxa0To save money.The most striking example comes from Fortescue Group, which told workers in 2015 that it could no longer afford to hire them on the roster, which is given for every eight consecutive days of workFortescue employees now work for 12 hours on a 14-day round shift and then rest at home for 7 days.Some Rio Tinto workers in Western Australia also work on the same roster.
This change is Fortescue.
xa0Need eight.
xa0There are fewer return flights per worker per year, but some scholars believe that higher sick leave and higher staff turnover may ultimately reduce savings.First-in-first-out jobs need to stay away from family and friends and attract male-dominated labor, which makes it a highRisk occupations in mental health.In a report on lifeline, Edith Cowen University's Sellenger Center found that the advanced first-out staff reported a higher degree of "psychological distress" than the general population, the pain is the strongest of those staff's most compressed rosters.
"Workers employed in a more compressed rotation work have a lower level of engagement with ordinary colleagues and common family communities," the report notes ."."A single respondent employed in a more highly compressed roster rotation job reported that access to the telephone crisis hotline was more likely.Most researchersxa0It is believed that rosters requiring three consecutive weeks or more will push workers to the thresholdxa0Mental health begins to deteriorate.
However, if they work on the "even time" roster, where they have the same amount of time at work and rest, the risk is reduced.Of the 30 proposals made byxa0A first-in-first-out parliamentary investigation into Washington state is a suggestion.xa0The mining industry adopts a variety of rosters to promote good mental health.
Even numbers are recommended for investigation-Time roster but on probationxa0Inquiry for fmgxa0It was approved for two weeks in seven days.xa0Not on the roster either."The key understanding we get from research is that typical advanced first-out resource workers come from the highest-risk population.xa0Mental illness and suicide.xa0The chairman saidxa0Preface by Graham Jacobsxa0He wrote about the investigation.
"Come first and often take such a person home, isolate him from his family and other social support, make him feel tired, and then control his life in the camp environment."It is understandable that this could have a significant impact on his emotional health and health --being.Luke Baker has spent more than ten years.xa0Work first out of the roster, and now become male health activists through his website "advanced first out" and his app "YFronts.
He is skeptical about cash.
The resource-strapped company will listen to the advice of the investigation and will even return to the time roster."I'm pretty sure that nothing in the survey has been implemented so far, and in this climate it may not look like it will," he said .".Baker agrees that working for three weeks in a row is about a health threshold for most workers.
"Three weeks from home is too long for me and my family...In the third week, everyone bowed their heads, kicked stones and became angry with the world.\ "It would be great if we could get it through the bean head --It has been countered that the value of adding three shifts a year is far less than the output lost by those who work more than two weeks.
A spokesman for Fortescue said that Fortescue's workers and their families could use a comprehensive support system, including a pastor program, but the company had no plans to change the roster.Advanced first out of the industry has beenxa0There has also been a heated debate in Queensland, but for different reasons.Consistent with the Unionxa0Over the past decade, the Queensland Labor government has resisted the strong growth of first-in-first-out, supporting more miners.
xa0Live nearbyxa0Town.
Inspired by the eventxa0Byxa0BHP Billiton has decided to fill 100 of its jobs at its latest two coking coal mines, Daunia and Caval.xa0There is a ridge with advanced workers first;Measures to exclude resident candidatesxa0In near the Moran barPrime Ministerxa0Annastaciaxa0Palaszczukxa0Yes.xa0Vowed to legislate against such tactics.
BHP Billiton believesxa0100 advanced first-out strategy is a product of its time;Commodity prices are strong, there is a housing shortage in moramba, and the unemployment rate in the region is close to zero.It's also a big miner being challenged to sharexa0"The benefits of prosperity" outside the mining towns, BHP Billiton sought to find in due coursexa0Newxa0Labor Force in Brisbane and Cairns.Ragnar Udd, president of coking coal mine assets owned by BHP Billiton and Mitsubishi, said the 100 strategyxa0Allow BHP Billiton to hire more women and indigenous workersxa0Insist on productivityxa0Daniaxa0Andxa0Cavalxa0The ridge is also betterxa0Residential mines.
But three years later, coal prices plunged, forcing thousands of coal miners in Queensland to cut jobs.Many moramba residents believe that BHP Billiton should now give up 100 of the advanced first-out rules and hire locals.\ "If people choose to fly-Go directly to work, that's it.
Stories of escapees aboundxa0100 first-in-first-out rules, fly from moramba to Brisbane Airport at your own expense, and then catch the plane directly to start "first-in-first-out"xa0Or shift in Dania.xa0Or cavaling."I know.xa0Russell Robertson, a resident of moramba, said: "A few people who work in a local coal mine fly to Brisbane and then fly back. it's crazy ." He works in a branch of BHP Billiton.Residential mine in stationBHP Billiton saidxa0Some moramba residents believe that once the contractor is taken into account,xa0Workxa0Inxa0Daniaxa0Andxa0Cavalxa0Ridge.
But Udd saidxa0BHP Billitonxa0No.
xa0Allowxa0The advanced first-out workers in these mines will becomexa0Residentsxa0Ofxa0Moramba"You're working 12.xa0An hour shift, when you're thinking about eating, communicating with your family and anything else, there's nothing more than work, "said Udd.\ "If you plan to sign half of it all of a suddenxa0I think you're actually starting to go beyond a reasonable balance.
\ "When I look at fatigue and fatiguexa0Management...As an organization that I think we should be, it's not a risk.xa0Take it.In the jungle campus 30 minutes drive outside morambaxa0Boozerxa0Park, camp for first-in-first-out workersxa0Cavalxa0Ridge.
Apartments in Boozerxa0Biggerxa0And more dispersed than most of Australia's advanced first-out camps to create a quiet environmentxa0Good sleep habitsWorkers who stay herexa0Boozerxa0Usually workxa07 days, 7 days off, seems to enjoy some of the best conditions in the industry.But like Nathan,xa0Boozerxa0Will no longer accumulatexa0Frequent passenger points.The anti-authoritarian Democratic coalition is irrefutable,xa0And said it would help ensure furtherxa0A department lost $ in the six months ended December 31 but did not lose its job.
\ "I know this is an emotional topic, but at least how much work will be lost by doing so?"The answer is zero," he said .""Out of respect for our people, we will do everything we can to understand the way we savexa0The cost of actually returning our organizationxa0Profitability.Come backxa0In Perth, Doyle enjoys the work of handyman.
xa0But if there is a chance, he will go back to life first."I love my job and if I get a call saying I'm going to fly by midnight at the airport and go anywhere, I'll be there."I want to go back," he said .".A large survey of the industry across Australia has provided a lot of advice for reform, but so far, the legislaturexa0Limited operations.
Luke Baker said Australia has traditionally had little sympathy for the first-time workers,xa0A wider communityxa0We need to realize that times and Destiny have changed."How good we are in the whole community, how much money everyone makes, how easy it is, it has always been a shame and it has never been like that," he said."Now that prosperity is over, many people are struggling.
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