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swimming pools and waterslides Merit in adopting Victorian swim program

by:Wenwen     2019-09-10
The Victoria government announced this week that it will require each primary school student to be able to swim 50 metres when completing the sixth grade.Given that so many adults can't swim even when they reach their 20 s or 30 s, the 100 goal sounds like a fairy tale when each child reaches sixth grade.But why?Last fiscal year, nine people drowned in tazhou, the same number as the previous year.
According to Tasmanian coroner's case file concerning all drowning incidents under the age of 15 from 1981 to 1993, only deaths occurred in the swimming pool.A third of all drowning deaths occurred in dams and ponds,in-Five happened in a river.Almost 90 of drowning in dams, ponds, swimming pools and bathtubs occurs between 0 and 4-year age group.
On Monday, a Launceston swimming coach said the Victorian plan is expected to pass next year and will save the lives of the state if introduced.Inxa0According to the Ministry of Education, Tasman education system, pupils in grades 3, 4 and 5 can attend up to 10 swimming and water safety classes per year.They can, too.xa0Join a 10-Government Day programPrivate pool and private pool.
Concerns have been raised in Victoria.
xa0Especially the school principal.
xa0Who questioned who would pay for the new swimming program?They worry that the increased costs will need to come fromxa0Unless more money is announced by the Victoria government, the budgets of these schools are already stretched.The jury still does not know whether the Victorian proposal will bring any significant benefits and reduce the number of drowning people in the state.Education Minister Jeremy Rockliff (Jeremy Rockliff) described from the Tasmanian point of view that our state's swimming and water safety programs are "leading ".
Given the rising number of drowning deaths across the country, any program that will enable people to not only swim but also potentially save their lives in the future must be fully considered
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