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swimming pools and waterslides Gould a master out of the pool

by:Wenwen     2019-09-10
"I am also trying to achieve this goal, with a lot of brain power and a lot of panic attacks, trying to get things done by the deadline," Gould said yesterday ."."I 've been thinking, 'This is what I really want to do, 'and I doubt a lot about myself, but it's definitely comparable to the Olympic gold medal.The three-The Munich Olympic gold medalist was one of 238 students at Launceston Albert Hall yesterday for the University of tazhou.
Launceston graduated a year.
Gould lives in Bicheno and graduated from a master's degree in contemporary art (visual arts) specializing in photographic media.She said she has always been interested in photography."I took a lot of photos to learn about swimming, swimming and swimming pools," Gould said .
"I made one (Masterxa0Degree in environmental management) Hobart Department of Geography, completed in 2010.Gould published a paper on the pool in his degree, including the use of the pool, how to better design the pool to enhance the performance of the swimmers and their geographical shapes and lines."But I didn't answer my question completely, so I thought I could do that with the camera lens," she said .
"Milt (Shane's husband Milton Niles) is also an artist who encouraged me when I saw him start taking pictures with a digital camera in 2002.Niles, the coach of Ian Thorpe and an American stroke coach, watched his wife receive her certificate."This is her second host in five years, so it's really good to see her in the process," he said .
"It's something she's been good at all the time and she sees something...It helped her open a lot of doors in the creative process.On 2006, Gould exhibited a group of photos in Sydney called "the feeling of swimming".
Recently, she also exhibited a series of collections with the Olympic art group during the London Olympics.Gould says she doesn't want to be a commercial photographer, but she will definitely continue her artistic work
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