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rain drops Montagu farmer Mike Buckby uses provenance in product marketing

by:Wenwen     2019-09-02
Montagu farmers and business owners Mike Buckby told attendees that as a marketing tool, the source of the produce and the story behind it became more and more importantxa0Benefits of harvestxa0Digital agriculture conference held in Melbourne last week.The man behind Grim Water, Montagus commercial Cape, Mr. Buckby talked about the traceability and the source.
xa0The meeting explained how digital technology helped.xa0Sell produce and why use it when selling Tasmanian products."I talked about the romance of selling products-xa0Whether it's beef, dairy or bottled waterxa0Tell people the story of how you did it and why you did it, "said Mr Buckby.
"What is the passion behind it?"[Consumers] want to know the story of why they [producers] do this," he said .".Good Hope Corner severe water company has been collectedxa0Rain from northern tazhou for human consumptionWesternxa0Tips for nearly 20 yearsIn this areaxa0The original rain spots were created by "the purest air on Earth" and sold by Grim water horns.Grim Water cape used its position in marketing, explaining that "when the cold wind collided with the rising warm air and crossed the Grim cliffs Cape, heaven opens and spills-we catch it there ".
Another part of his marketing is using data to defend the brand, Baki said."The phrase 'we are clean and green' is widely used in the state of Tasmania.If we use the Grim Water corner, we can display the data for 40 years.
xa0The weather service has demonstrated that when the wind moves from west to south, it provides baseline conditions for one of the three air monitoring stations in the world, "he said.Speakers of the International Conference and experts in agriculturexa0Lisa prasack.xa0How about producer dataxa0Used for weighingxa0Improve profit and production efficiency.
Farmers want to see how to "spend less"xa0"In order to get a better return, money or the same amount of money," Prassack said ." MS."The best thing we can do is use data as a service and use information as a Servicexa0But our ability to understand the farm and predict the farm is limited by the motherxa0Nature.This is a challenge for technology companies .
"More than 300 agricultural experts, farmers, technical experts and entrepreneursxa0Having heard statements from national and international speakers at the meeting,xa0Australian farm Research Institutexa0Discuss it.xa0Digital agriculture has the potential to transform agricultural production systems and supply chains and inform producers of decisions
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