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rain drops how to sleep early for better health -

by:Wenwen     2019-09-13
As a night owl, I admit, sleep has always been secondary to me.This is something one needs to accomplish and complete.I was wrong.After years of sleep, only a few hours of sleep per night, and occasional naps, I finally caught up with me.
I remember one night after having a dinner with a friend, I drove home.The radio is playing in the background and everything seems to be fine.Before I realized it, my car was in a traffic jam.
In the crazy beams and loud horns, I immediately turned the car to the right.I was shaking when I came back to call a good friend of a doctor.My brain may be so mentally exhausted that it only shuts down for a few seconds, she said.
No one was hurt, thank God.
From that point on, I knew I had to make some adjustments to my sleep habits.Here are some ways to help me get to bed early.1.I am a Netflix fan and can watch my favorite TV series all season in one breath.
It usually begins with a bedtime episode, but this is usually the last thing.I will be very eager to see the next episode after finishing one.The clock display was three o'clock A.M. before I knew it.I trained myself to be only 1 these days-Two episodes per day before going to bed, if I want, and stick to this allowance.
Even if your body can withstand a truck of caffeine/alcohol before going to bed, I would recommend that you do not do so.Caffeine is a stimulant that can delay your biological clock.This means that it can delay your normal sleep time.
Had a cup of coffee/tea before going to bed and you ended up staring at the ceiling of the bed all night?Take caffeine 6 hours before bed to eliminate the effects of caffeine.Alcohol is another culprit that will keep you awake and disrupt your sleep schedule.The word "night hat" is not very applicable to most of us unless you drink silly before going to bed and sleep in your own vomit pool.
Alcohol can allow you to sleep on the bed faster, but it can also reduce rapid eye movement (REM ).This stage of the sleep cycle has an impact on learning, memory, and emotions.I am not saying that you will wake up with the IQ of the door handle the next day, but it may hinder your mental health the next day.
Like caffeine, try to limit alcohol intake a few hours before going to bed.3.This may sound crazy, but it's hard to fall asleep when your bedroom is too quiet.There is no need to play rock music all night.
However, the use of white noise may make you fall asleep earlier.If you 've never heard of white noise before, imagine the soothing sound of the broken waves on the beach, or the gentle pitter-There is rain on your window.I would like to know why we like the ecstasy before we go to bed.
Use a white noise generator.
If you are a long-time worried person like me, then you will know what I am talking about.I stayed awake all night, worried about tomorrow's to-do list, angry emails from my clients, lack of funding for this month's bills, my growing waist.It's all just to keep me awake and upset.Unless you die, no one in this world is bothered.
What you need to tell yourself is that you are doing your best and leaving tomorrow for tomorrow.Get up from your head and lie in bed.As with all good habits, it takes a while to go to bed early to digest, especially if you sleep late most of the time.Going to bed early has a lot of health benefits, and now is the time for you to start enjoying those benefits.
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