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pool with water slide Grandmother told not to take pictures of grandkids on water slide

by:Wenwen     2019-09-22
Noelle Geeves, Shearwater's grandmother, said she was "surprised" when a pool attendant told her"xa0Not taking pictures of her 7-year-old and 10-year-old grandson.xa0Water Sports Center in Devonport.Mrs. Geeves said she wanted to know whenxa0Ofxa0The waiter told herxa0Camera and photo shootxa0Yes.xa0Not allowed.She said he had no explanation.Mrs. GIFs.xa0Other parents overheard and said "worried about the madness of what he said ".
Spokesman splash Port aquatic productsxa0The operator of the Belgravia Leisure center said that the photos of family and friends werexa0Allow andxa0Intentionxa0Part of the Belgravia camera and mobile phone policy is to allow media or professional photographers to obtain permission to take or take photos in advance."We ask all customers to respect the privacy of others, including the protection of children, to capture only their family and friends, to ensure that others will not be photographed without consent," he said ."."In view of the recent explanation by the Splash Devonport water center staff, we will use this explanation to remind all our websites in a timely manner of the intent of this policy.
Belgravia said it will work with employees to ensure policiesxa0"Apply locally with common sense and vigilance to the privacy and comfort of all customers ".Photography isxa0Banned in the dressing room.Meanwhile,xa0Burnie water sports center operatorLyon water sports saidxa0The public receives management's consent before using photographic equipment.
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