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pool play equipment The Riverbend Park development is making progress with the near completion of the sky walk

by:Wenwen     2019-09-05
The yellow sky is walking in developmentxa0Hewan Park has begun to take shape.It is 12-Sky Walk is the first major attractionxa0The construction of Hewan Park is about to be completed.The next big project for the construction staff to work is the fusion network close to the Silo Hotel.
The mayor of the Launceston City Council, Albert van zeteng, said the project is progressing well and the park will be open to the public in the fall or later in the winter."Families can rest assured that people of all ages will have great equipment ,"xa0He said."In the coming months, we will really see the site taking shape.
\ "There will also be a fenced toddler area, a parking lot, an activity lawn, toilet, all dedicated-Facilities include barbecue facilities, barbecue facilities, etc
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