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playground structure how outdoor play boost confidence? - childhood education

by:Wenwen     2019-09-17
Human beings, young or old, have social needs.Nevertheless, some children are more shy and less confident than others.There are several reasons why children are shy, including genetics, family environment and realityLife experience.
For whatever reason, if your child does not have enough confidence, you must solve the problem in this area.The playground gives children access to the experiences necessary for physical, emotional and social growth.Since I have talked enough about the first two aspects, I will reveal how outdoor sports can help children overcome shyness.
Why is it important for shy children to play outdoors?Shy kids lock themselves in the room as soon as they get home from school.Their home is their whole world, where they learn, watch their favorite shows, and no one else speaks except their family.When they are in school, they have restrictions to curb their social growth.
Even if they were allowed to go to the playground, they would find a corner and sit alone all the time.Therefore, they did not grow up healthily in society as they should.As parents, it is your responsibility to build confidence in them and the playground plays an important role in this regard.
When you take your child to play, there may or may not be any other children on the playground.Playground equipment forms a complex social network when children play in groups.These tools teach them daily lessons, such as performance in teams, waiting for their turn, interacting with peers, social norms, and, most importantly, the skills to build relationships.
Besides, it makes them proficient in negotiation and self-taughtcontrol.Under your supervision, they get the motivation they can't get when they are at school or playing alone.Usually, shy children will feel comfortable with their family only.
So when you guide and encourage them to play with other children, they learn a lot of things that help overcome shyness.Also, it eliminates boredom and improves their observations as they learn social cues by watching children playing in the distance.When I say inclusive games are social games, you will agree with me very much.
It includes playing freely in a group as the children want.This is an outdoor game for children of different age groups;Therefore, it enhances confidence in dealing with older peers.Children can talk to the people around them, negotiate with them, and find solutions to problems together while playing.
This in turn helps them to become more friendly and overcome the social anxiety that is hidden within them.More importantly, embracing change is almost a challenge for shy kids who like to sit at home and enjoy their time alone.They don't like anyone breaking into their business, but when they are on the playground under your supervision, they are welcome to change slowly.
In addition, it helps them learn empathy because there are different types of children around them and some have some physical defects.In addition, it helps them to learn teamwork and conflict resolution.Nowadays, most playgrounds support all-inclusive Games, which is very helpful for the game.
Remember, it takes time to overcome shyness, so you have to do a lot of work on this stage and wait patiently.Going to the playground a few times in the first place may not give you any results, but don't give up and find ways to encourage your little one to play around.Will you help your child become confident through outdoor games?.
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