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playground structure bus stops can be areas of play too! - sooperarticles.com

by:Wenwen     2019-09-17
Walking to the bus stop every day to catch the early bus is a normal event for everyone's morning routine, and I personally spent this time browsing my Instagram or Twitter feed.But recently, my trip to the bus stop was nothing but ordinary and boring.More and more playground structures appear at the bus stop, and when the children wait for the school bus to come, it is a pleasant sight to see them interact with them.
The bus station is a shared public space, so it is welcome to add comfortable seating, safe lighting for pedestrian size, and bicycle parking and public facilities.Since they are an integral part of the community, improvements and enhancements to them will not only benefit those waiting for commuting, but also help the landscape.If the waiting environment is much more comfortable, it will help to improve the satisfaction of the passengers and make the waiting time look much shorter than they are.
All of this, in turn, will help increase the number of passengers in public transport.This is especially true for children.By installing functional art works or modular playground structures at the bus stop, the public transport experience of residents of all ages can be guaranteed to be improved.Same as beforeAs the urban landscape continues to increase, we see a decreasing number of playgrounds in the city, and the existing playgrounds are overcrowded, so these facilities can provide important entertainment functions for children.
As these facilities are located on the ground, the likelihood of children being injured or injured while interacting with them is almost zero.Even if some buildings do have a slight danger, they can always be emptied by using foam liners on the playground.This will make these game spaces educational and fun without compromise on security, as the fall zone is out of balance.
This merger sounds like a bigger idea when you consider the bus stops in the whole area.In the range of six to 10 feet kilometers, the bus station may be the second largest advantage of the traditional playground.In addition to strengthening the bus stop, these game structures add a little interest to the overall location in the city landscape.
In this case, the interaction between children and some adults is ranked second
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