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play area equipment Deloraine House Diary

by:Wenwen     2019-09-04
Monday to Friday, ten o'clock A.M. to four o'clock P.M.Phone 6362 2678 or email: delorainehouse @ bigpond.com.-Your family, friends, neighbors or colleagues.Which one do you pick out for the troublesome idea?Would you know?What do you really doubt, can you take care of it?Caused by personal events with devastating effects.
If one cannot copeWill anyone serve them?one-suicide.At Deloraine House, September 25.On October 26, at Westbury community health center.-Rights Information, ten o'clock A.M. on Wednesday, September 18.With respect to Centrelink's right to pay.
No cost.
Welfare Information.
October 2 ten o'clock A.
Morning tea is served.
-Natural makeup with Lisa Burton.
make mascara.
And information.
Money, avoid chemicals.
Lisa on 0438766669 or Deloraine House on 63622678.2: natural lip balm, eleven o'clock A.M. on Thursday, September 19.Cost: $17.11am.Cost: $16.-Tuesday is the week lunch for seniors.Bowls Club.Good company, music and listening about lifelong learning.It is essential to pass the delolan home.Cost $10.-eating home-Pizza made of their own woodgarden oven.
straw)?Interesting days to work with Steve Shayler-Either Westbury or the delayin community garden.Must have experience.Donate gold coins.Sunday, October 6 and 13, starting on the 9 th.Sunday, October 20 and 27, from 9.30am.essential.-Lawyers from ten o'clock A.M. on Monday, October 21-12 noon.Essential: call 1800 066 019.-Deal with your debt?Anyone with financial difficultiesThursday of each monthTime of visit: October 10.
-Your certificate or upgrade your CPR with Angela Enright.October 5 nine o'clock A.M. to five o'clock P.M.6362 3633 for registration or consultation.-Stephens is free between 10 on Thursday.Torres Strait Islander community.Help solve all kinds of problemsg.6324 1910 call Leanne-Held in Westbury30pm Thursdays.
For more information contact Chris 0437 355 401.-month.Friendship and support and decide how their team works.welcome.Mike 6362 2324 for more information.Meeting: October 10.-Everything you need to know about the basics of computer use.
Including how to email and browse the internet.A tuition fee from friendly and helpful volunteers.cost involved.It's time for you.-by appointment.Fees are charged depending on the income.g.For those on the health card.For more information or appointments: 0439 695 081.
-Give our new team the resources of the House;12pm.All welcome.Thanks for donating coins.-in photography?Challenges with others?to 9pm.-The second Monday of each month is from seven o'clock P.
About how to develop character through basic detailsClothing and gestures.-Co-Welcome volunteers to Deloraine House.Workshops are provided.More information-The first Monday of each month, except October.
Lunch: November 11.
Enjoy good company, music and listening to lifelong learning.Booking through Deloraine House is essential.Cost $10.-Two coupons.From 10 pm to Friday.non-basis.-The motivation to form healthy habits.no pressure.walkers.-Chudleigh group: adjourn until further notice.
-Deloraine group: Meet at Deloraine House at ten o'clock A.M. every Tuesday.-Meander group: resume call September Chris: 63695419For more information, please contact Deloraine House at 6362 2678.-With Annie or make an appointmentand 3pm.
Available to a tutor at other times, please call 6362 2770.-There are legal issues every Monday from one o'clock P.M. to three o'clock P.M.Volunteer, there is no need to make an appointment.
More information on how to arrange a loan.-Available at Deloraine House, make an appointment at 0429 622 727.-3pm.The spinner is welcome, and child care can be provided between 10.
and 12.
If there are enough numbers, 30.
Booking is essential.
Judy 2221.
-House every Tuesday from 10 to twelve o'clock P.M. in the morning.-From six o'clock P.M. to eight o'clock P.M. at Deloraine House.Donate and share a piece of fruit.@ Gmail.-Start at 5 in the evening15 to 6.Deloraine House at 30 p.m.Sometimes it suits you.Call Kristina 6367 8241 for more information or sign up
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