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play area equipment DELORAINE HOUSE DIARY

by:Wenwen     2019-09-03
Deloraine House is located at 112 Bay Road, Emu Bay, and can be contacted at 6362 2678 or at delorainehouse @ bigpond.com.All activities are at Deloraine House unless otherwise stated.Booking is essential for activities and childcare.
Content: Centrelink information session.
WHEN: 11am.
Learn how to browse new website tools and sign up for phone Self HelpService, how to book a location in the queue and how to get help filling out the form.What: Core 1-Suicide intervention course.Time: nine o'clock A.M. to five o'clock P.M.This course is for community members and service providers and will provide the skills and confidence to identify and assess people who may face self-riskInjury or suicideIt is free for people who live or work in the winding valley area.Basic booking for 6362 2678.What: training the giver, food connection meeting.
Time: Eleven o'clock A.
to two o'clock P.
Location: Community Garden, delolin.
Train the giver with Graham swinsburg for a food connection meeting on fruit tree care.In this workshop, you will learn which fruit trees need two or more different varieties for cross-pollination, whenxa0And tips on how to trim, water, fertilize and control pests.At the delolan community garden, the morning East Camp and the Pultney Street, delolan.
Basic booking for 6362 2678.
What: eat with friends.
Time: Twelve O'Clock P.
to two o'clock P.
Come and enjoy a hot meal at Deloraine House and meet new or old friends.12.00-2pm.Welcome, $5 per person.Please call 6362 2678 for catering.Content: The writer's group meeting on publishing.Time: seven o'clock P.M. to nine o'clock P.M.Panel Meeting of publishing writers introduced by David Lane.
Hear what publishers are looking for in their contributions, from the manuscript presentation to the content.For more information, please call 6392 2166.Content: Gourmet Forum-Connection point.Time: from ten o'clock A.M. to twelve o'clock P.M., from two o'clock P.M. to four o'clock P.M., from six o'clock P.M. to eight o'clock P.M., and from evening.Friday morning's meeting on getting young people involved in the future of food, Friday afternoon's meeting on applying the principle of behavioral change to food sustainability work, and Friday night's community information meeting.
Check out how to set up local food connections on Saturday morning, and check out what's next in Meander Valley on Saturday afternoon.Lunch is available.For more information and reservations, please contact delorainehouse @ bigpond by 6362 2678 or email.Content: first aid training.Time: nine o'clock A.M. to five o'clock P.M.First aid training by Angela enlet.Update certificate, update training for CPR or advanced first aid certificate.
Run from nine o'clock A.
to five o'clock P.
at Deloraine House.
Registration number 6362 3633When: Core 1-Suicide intervention course.Location: Westbury community health center.The core one-day suicide intervention course, from nine o'clock A.
to five o'clock P.
, is at the Westbury community health center.This course is for community members and service providers and will provide you with the skills and confidence to identify people who may face self-riskInjury or suicideIt is free for people who live or work in the winding valley area.Basic booking for 6362 2678.Location: delolin bowl club.Delolan House fundraising quiz night delolan bowl club.
$10 per person, make-A table of six with lots of fun and prizes, bar service and snacks.For more information, please call 6362 2678 to provide the necessary RSVP by July 26.What: Financial advice: tired of dealing with debt?Free confidential services to provide information and support to anyone with financial difficulties.
Financial consultations are held on the second Thursday of each month.For more information, or for reservations, please contact Deloraine House on 6362 2678.Location: Launceston community legal center, delolane building.
Time: Ten o'clock A.
to 1.
Launceston community legal center visits Deloraine House approximately every 2 months.Free Consultation on general law, welfare rights, disability discrimination and family law.No charges, no asset tests.Make an appointment call 6334 1577 or 1800 066 019.
----REGULAR EVENTS----Content: links to indigenous communities.Time: Ten o'clock A.M. and two o'clock P.M. on Wednesday.Leanne Stephens, an Aboriginal community contact outreach worker in the Deloraine region, can provide assistance and support services to members of the ATSI community.Help address a wide range of issues including health, legal aid, education, work, income and housing.
Just drop by between ten o'clock A.
and two o'clock P.
on Wednesday or make an appointment at 6364 1910.What: drinking alcohol.WHEN: 7.30 p.m. Thursday.Location: WestburyFor more information, please contact Chris 0437 355 401.What: Guys team.Time: seven o'clock P.M. to nine o'clock P.M. every three Thursday.For the lads, this is a place to share life experiences, gain friendships and support, and determine the time and safety of how their team works.
All men are welcome.
For more information, please call Mike on 6362 2234.Content: broadband for the elderly.When: negotiable.This is an opportunity for seniors to learn the basics of computer use, including how to use the Internet via email and browsing.One-to-A tuition fee from friendly and helpful volunteers.
Costs are not involved.
Phone 6362 2678 expressing interest-The meeting time is for you and the volunteers.Photography Club: interested in photography?Time: seven o'clock P.M. to nine o'clock P.M. on the fourth Thursday of each month.Love to share ideas, skills and photography challenges with others?The group meets at seven o'clock P.
on the fourth Thursday of each month-9pm.For more information, please call Jacqui 6362 4335.What: Community Garden.Time: Ten o'clock A.M. to two o'clock P.M. on Wednesday and ThursdayWeather permittingInterested people and volunteers are welcome.
The garden is located at the corner of pottney Street and East Buck Street, adjacent to draynne high school.For more information about 6362 2678, please call Deloraine House.Content: consult Debbie Kemsley.When: negotiable.Debbie can make an appointment.A small fee is charged based on your income.
For more information, please call 0439 695 081.What: eat with friends.Time: Twelve O'Clock P.M. to two o'clock P.M. on the first Monday of each month.Come and enjoy a bowl of hot soup and roll at Deloraine House to meet new or old friends.All welcome.$5 per person.Please call 6362 2678 for catering.Emergency food relief.Time: Ten o'clock A.M. to four o'clock P.M. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.Emergency rescue food coupons can be found on 112 Ocean Bay Road, delolan House, one or twoMonday, Wednesday and Friday are once a month.
Some non-Perishable and frozen foods are usually in-needed basis.-Meander: Meet at Meander Hall at nine o'clock A.M. on Tuesday. For more information, please contact Chris at 6369 5419.
-Westbury: at seven o'clock A.
on Sunday and Thursday evening, Westbury Group departs from Westbury health center.-Delolan: the delolan family is held every Tuesday at ten o'clock A.M.Walking in a team is a great motivation, a great way to meet people and a good way to have a healthy heart.
Everyone is walking on their own road, no pressure.Start the walking group in Dellan, Westbury, stroll and Chudley.-New Pacers are welcome.For more information, or to start another group at a better time, please contact the house: 6362 2678.
What: children's corner.
New playground around the corner of East Barrack Street and lansdownne Place, all children and parents are welcome.What: Legal Literacy: forms need help?When: negotiable.Need help with forms?The question of consumer credit?Legal Knowledge is an understanding and understanding of your rights and laws.
The advocates help you at Deloraine House.Call 6334 1577 to make an appointment.Content: literacy support: literacy/arithmetic.When: negotiable.Literacy/numeracy assistancexa0With Anne Marie from LINC Tasmania, call 6362 3658 to make an appointment for a library or Deloraine House.
Content: interest-free loan scheme.
NILS -Interest-free loan program: Deloraine House provides assistance in applying for a nil loan.For more information or appointments, please call 6362 2678.What: The Game Group.Time: Ten o'clock A.M. to twelve o'clock P.M. every Tuesday.Parentsxa0Children and carers are welcome to use the facilities of the House: outdoor play areas with equipment, small rooms, sand pits, wet areas and comfortable playrooms.
Donate gold coins.
What: reflex therapy.
Time: Make an appointment.
Massage with Sophie Kirkman at Deloraine House.Reservation phone 0429 622 727What: delolan spinning.Time: from ten o'clock A.M. to three o'clock P.M. on the first and third Tuesday of each month.
Spin group meets at Deloraine House.
Call Judy Dalton at 6362 2221 or come with your wheels.Childcare is available but must be booked in advance.Toy Library.Time: Eleven o'clock A.M. to one o'clock P.M. on Tuesday.Toy Library in Deloraine House.Loans are provided between eleven o'clock A.
and 12 noon on Tuesday.
Phone Deloraine House on 6362 2678xa0Learn more.Time: seven o'clock P.M. to nine o'clock P.M. on the second Monday of each month.Share your ideas and get encouragement and inspiration.The deloland Louran group met at Luther Louran, Bay, 112.
For more information, please call 6392 2166 Annie.Time: Six o'clock P.M. to 7 on Tuesday.30 in the afternoon, 5 on Wednesday.15pm to 6.30pm.Tuesday: regular/progressive class with Kristina.Wednesday: gentle yoga for health management with Kristina.
For information about private lessons, retreats, and/or the 2013 course schedule, please send an email: kristinakm @ bordernet.com.Au or phone 6367 8241.Freshmen: please call before class
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