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park slide for sale Marong landowners, the Carter family, reject Bendigo council's offer to buy their land

by:Wenwen     2019-09-06
Big Bendigo, Victoria and an agricultural family are deadlocked over a piece of land that is considered critical to the development of commercial parks.This is confirmed by the city.xa0Recently proposed purchasexa0The Carter family.xa0Plotxa0Land west of the rejected City.Bernie sullivan, director of strategy and growth, said the Carter family had no obligation to respond or negotiate, but insistedxa0Sincerely hope to obtain the land at the appropriate value, preferably voluntary.
In August, the state government rezoned more than 300 hectares of land.xa0Along the Calder Highway, the responsibility for the proposed constituency was handed over to the city of dabendigo.Tamri Carter reiterated on behalf of the Carter family.
xa0This landxa0Near Yorkshire roadxa0No sale."Putting money in front of us will not change our point of view," she said ."."We are not going to sell it in a bad way.
This landxa0It is currently used to grow crops and run sheep,xa0Already ownedxa0Family for more than 80 years."Hope we can continue.xa0Agriculturexa0This will be the hope of generations to come, as long as we want, "MS Carter said.O'Sullivan said that given the strategic importance of the plot, the Council may seek to apply public acquisition coverage on the plot, paving the way for mandatory acquisitions.
Coverage must bexa0Approved by the state planning minister.Bendigo Councilxa0Until the end of June 2018, the application for public acquisition coverage appeared to be taking into account the family's position."This will not happen voluntarily ,"xa0Carter said MSCarter Familyxa0Most of the 300 hectares are owned by families.
No precedent.
xa0Has been set by the cityxa0Land acquisition.A small portion of land was purchased to broaden roads and create public infrastructure such as the roundabout, but there was no proposed scale.The Council believes that the proposed commercial park will create 3000 jobs,xa0Estimated cost of about $25 millionxa0The first onexa0During the construction phase, about 30 products of different sizes will be offered.
O'Sullivan said that given the huge cost of providing services on the site, the council would seek assistance from the state and federal governmentsxa0Come and help.xa0Plan and fund the project."The supply of industrial land in Bendigo is tight and there are no restrictions."For businesses that need a large area of land for manufacturing, storage and storage, in order to maintain a viable position, adequate services and suitable land will need to be provided in the next few years," he said .
"If big Bendigo is to maintain its appeal to business expansion and relocation, so as to maintain and create local jobs, existing and new businesses need to be able to plan growth.Vote in favor of the proposed commercial park.The planning team, Victoria, supported the council's application to redivide the land, but ruledxa0When there are other options, the "feasibility of uncooperative landowners and projects" is not sufficient as a reason to apply for public acquisition coverage.
Suggesting industrial land supply in the regionxa0Did it soon
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