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outdoor play equipment for schools A number of East Launceston residents are opposed to the expansion of the primary school

by:Wenwen     2019-09-05
Residents of East Launceston who oppose the expansion of primary schools will meet with Launceston City Council officials this week.Suggestions on building a kindergarten on the west side of Oxford Streetxa0Has beenxa0Submitted to the Council together with some other documentsxa0The works include the basketball court and the elevator in the library.The development of the application also pointed out seven plansxa0New car parkingxa0The kindergarten is located between the existing pavilion and the tennis court.
"The purpose of the development proposal is to provide dedicated high-quality learning space and reduce congestion on Abbott Street sites," a report from Pitt and Shirley said ."."At present, there are students in inappropriate learning space ......xa0It is recommended to vacate and restore these areasxa0Original intention of use.
"There will be no net increase in the number of students studying across the campus.The new kindergarten will provide 4 teaching spaces, outdoor amusement equipment and landscaping.The main concern of those who oppose development is traffic congestion.
"As a resident of Tasma Street, I found that the proposed development of Oxford Street would be detrimental to the local residents as this development would bring a lot of traffic," said Marianne Watt ."."Oxford Street was overwhelmed during school drop-outs --off and pick-up times."Any additional traffic will make Oxford Street virtually impassable at this time, blocking access to emergency vehicles and other means of transport.
Veronica Lyon, who also lives on Tasma Street across Oxford Street, said she sees "traffic chaos" every day "."(This is) because many vehicles are vying for positions on two streets, and traffic jams when Tasma Street enters Oxford Street at an extremely fast pace, she said."As more vehicles are added to this mix, the development of this proposal will only significantly increase the risk for everyone.
According to the transport impact assessment attached to the development application, an average of 300 vehicles per day are traveling along Oxford Street, with 45 during peak hours.Director of Development Services at a meeting of the council's strategic planning and policy committee on Mondayxa0Leanne Hurst answered many questions about the proposal."We will meet with delegates this week and applicants are also requested to respondxa0Numberxa0Questions raised by the representativexa0And whether these problems have been resolved.
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