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left hand pool slide Threats made before fatal Mowbray Hotel brawl, court told

by:Wenwen     2019-09-08
A man who died after a brawl at the Mowbray Hotel was verbally abused and threatened to "wrap a pool Cup" on the head of another customer"Royal witness Joshua Myers Rooney also told Supreme Court jurors that after the fighting broke out, Tony Brown fell to the floor and he accused Mr. Brown of what had happened in the emotional outbreak.Mr. Rooney, in the evidencein-The chief said he had a pool club in his left hand, and before the bartender asked him what he was doing, he "held up" three or four times on the ground near Mr.
Brown's head.
Prosecutor John Lanson asked Rooney if the pool tip touched Brown's head or body, and the former Mowbray resident denied any connection to Brown.Mr. Rooney also said that Mr. Brown took a beer from him before the fight and threw it into the parking lot outside.The second week of the trial of the 44-year-old Mitchell clay Dowling and the 40-year-old Jay David brazzly brothers began on Tuesday in Launceston.
They disputed eight allegations of violence by four men.At about eight o'clock P.M. on July 17, 2013, there was a quarrel at the Mowbray hotel, and Mr. Brown died later.The night's bartender, Tyson Montgomery, also provided evidence when he said that Mr.
Brown was punched by a defendant and lay unconscious on the floor, looking "very old"Under cross-Mr Montgomery accepted the defense lawyer Greg Richardson's review of Mr Dowlin and agreed that after the battle he met an older white man --The man with a beard outside said he was the father of a defendant and threatened to sue the hotel because he accused the hotel of causing a quarrel.Defense lawyer Mr. Alan Hensley's defense lawyer suggested to Mr. Montgomery that earlier in the day, Mr. Brown was refused service at the hotel because of excessive drunkenness, and the witness said he was not aware of that.
Judge Robert Pearce's trial continues.
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