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left hand pool slide how to pop a bottle of champagne using a knife - wine spirit

by:Wenwen     2019-09-22
If you need to know how to break a bottle of champagne with a kitchen knife, be prepared to exercise as we have a basic set of tips.First, we will discuss how to set up everything you need to pop the bottle up correctly.Next, we will discuss cracking the bottle in two ways with your kitchen knife.
While reading this, it's a good idea to try to open the bottle, so go and buy a few bottles of champagne to exercise.You may open some fairly expensive champagne bottles with this technique, so you 'd better work out with at least 4 bottles.First of all, buy a very cheap bottle of champagne brand and a normal one.
sized knife.
You don't need a big kitchen knife, just a thick and blunt one.The effect will be better if the bottle is cold enough.The first step is to remove the foil from the outside, and then we have two options: take the downline cage or keep the wire cage.
If you keep the wire, you have to shake the champagne bottle well in order to create pressure in the bottle.If you remove the wire, it is crucial not to stir the bottle, because the cork may pop up when you are not ready.If you do this for the first time, please select the first option.
It's easier to crack and practice it.
Take a dry cloth and wipe the bottle clean.Make sure it's not damp.Find the line along the bottle.The line is where the two parts of the bottle are combined.Put the knife on the seam.It must start on the blunt side.Place the blade at a small angle with the bottle.
If the angle is too large, you will most likely miss it.When you are ready to try the first shot, place the bottle on your left hand, swipe the kitchen knife hard with your right hand and hit it quickly and forcefully until the bottle breaks.Usually the top of the bottle breaks and flies with a cork.
Think about the fact that the bottle shakes and the pressure increases every time you miss it, so feel free to remove the cork.If you choose not to remove the steel cage, then you need a stronger blow.With a bigger knifeNapoleon's officers opened the most expensive glass of champagne with a blade.
If you have a blade or shovel, you will definitely get a lot of attention at the party.But for ordinary people like us, just stick to the knife.This should be enough for you to start.Buy a few bottles of champagne, carefully select the brand of champagne and start practicing.
Practice makes perfect.
We gave you the data, but you can pop up one of the most expensive champagne bottles at your party with a simple kitchen knife
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