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how to make a fiberglass slide how aluminum, fiberglass and wire screen dishes operate

by:Wenwen     2019-09-20
Any satellite receiving antenna will capture the signal of the satellite and reflect it back to a common point called Focus, which will receive a weak signal distributed in a large area and concentrate it, make it strongerWhether made of aluminum, fiberglass, or smart screens, the performance of any type of antenna depends primarily on the accuracy of the curvature of the antenna.Dishes made of these materials can also provide the same good reception at a given size.No matter what material is used, the plate is only as accurate as the mold used to produce the plate.
To do this, you have to rely on the reputation of the manufacturer.The sturdy aluminum plate is sturdy and durable, often maintaining its precise shape during the service life of the systemBetter than fiberglass or wire mesh plates.Aluminum antennas are usually coated with special non-Reflective paint to prevent sunlight from reflecting to the focus that could damage the LNA.
This type of antenna is usually made by the ocean-Grade Aluminum to prevent corrosion.Expanded aluminum mesh and wire mesh antennas are usually the lowest cost of manufacturing and may have the least impact on the environment.Since you can see through them, they are least likely to attract neighbors to complain in a crowded suburb.
Mesh dishes may be most vulnerable to elements.It is recommended to carefully check the method used to fasten the screen and support the components.You can check whether the curve is inaccurate by wearing the surface of the wire mesh plate by hand.
Prominent bumps or waves on the surface indicate a deviation from the exact parabolic curve required for good performance.Fiberglass plates can be as good as solid aluminum if constructed and should work properly in your backyard.Most of the standard fiberglass dish antennas have a wire mesh embedded in them to reflect satellite signals.
Without a metal reflector, the satellite microwave signal is transmitted directly through fiberglass.Pressure is the best glasswareMade of fiberglass reinforced plastic.More often, fiberglass is sprayed on the mold.
Fiberglass plates tend to warp easily after being exposed to elements during the life of the system.This may reduce the performance of the antenna.High-High quality fiberglass antennas minimize warping by using a mounting structure that supports a large area of the disk surface.
Here is how to detect warping.
-Stand aside and look at the surface of the plate.The outside edges should be aligned with each other.-Any two ropes extending from the outer edge to the outer edge should touch where they cross, at the center of the plate.
The dish can be a single piece or a few petals inserted together.The one-For the mold of the manufacturer's master, the plate most meets the requirements, but the shipment is a problem.The petal tray is stronger and more convenient to transport;If damaged, one or more petals can be replaced.
When checking any dish, you should see how the various petals are combined together.Does the surface look continuous, with little change from petals to petals?Keep in mind that a quarterly curvature change per inch may affect the performance of the system
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