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how to design a water park System to boost bioretention

by:Wenwen     2019-08-30
Bridgeport will obtain a new biological detention system through the partnership between NRM North and the Dorset Commission.Dorsett Mayor Barry Jarvis said NRM North provided $10,000 for the project and $5000 for the Council.The system will clean rain water, reduce flooding, improve the health of waterways and increase habitat and biodiversity.
NRM North and council identified a suitable location for the implementation of a demonstration Water Sensitive Urban Design project at Village Green Park near Main Street.NRM North rain and water gathering Officer Jesse Webster said there were two targets for the project."[We would like] to provide the treatment of rainwater runoff in the CWA Hall and its adjacent parking lot, and to expand community awareness of the implementation of green infrastructure," he said .
\ "Syrstrom environment company has commissioned a small-scale design and implementation-Scale biological detention system.\ "Rainwater from the roof of the lobby and parking lot will be directed into the system for plant use."Underneath the surface of the biological retention system is a series of different sand and soil layers that capture the remaining contaminants before the clear water penetrates into the ground.
"It's a great opportunity for the briport and Dorset County Council to have such a great system in country green park.Webster says he wants to see similar systems installed across North Korea.Jarvis said the committee is keen to improve the rain infrastructure throughout the city.
"We think green infrastructure is the best way to clean rain and improve the health of waterways," he said of the system installed last week .".Mr. Webster, a member of the North Taizhou rainwater working group, and Andrew Heep of syrstrom Environmental Corporation attended the on-site information meeting last week
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