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how to design a water park Fantasy Glades interest peaks after price slashed

by:Wenwen     2019-08-30
A major property in the heart of Port Macquarie, once one of the region's most popular children's theme parks, has fallen sharply by $65,000, attracting interest from several potential buyers.Former Fantasy Forest Theme Park, currently owned by Shane and Karen Hay, has been forced since November to abandon the dream of reviving the park due to family health problems.Tom James, a real estate agent acting for Hays, is encouraged by the interest in ChristmasDuring the January holiday, two potential buyers are currently keen to redevelop 1.
5 hectares propertyMr.
James said that while there were several restrictions on the property, including natural habitat zoning and specific fire levels, those who showed interest were taken away by the property's subtropical area in the heart of the city."I checked twice (Monday --James said: "There is a family in Macquarie port, and the other is looking for business opportunities in Sydney .""Given the complexity of the site, people's interest is more based on business than on private housing.
The history of this once-fantasy Open Space site dates back to 1960 centuries more than 40 years ago, when George and Rosemary Whitaker, their two children James and Lynette, rosemary's parents moved from Sydney to Port Macquarie with the vision of creating a theme park based on the world's most popular Brothers green fairy tale.The first building built near the park was Snow White's cottage and miniature church, all of which were handmade by Gribble in August.The park was opened to the public on August 1968.
In 1987, the park was sold to the Spry family and Brian Hutchinson, who had run the park before it closed in 2002.When Hays called for public interest in restoring the park in 2011, the reaction was overwhelming.The current sales have prompted the public to call again for the return of more families --Facing the sights of Hastings, many people think this is the ideal location for the water park.
Today, it is still only a shell of its former glory, surrounded by dilapidated, destroyed villas and overgrown parks.The Macquarie Port koala Association has shown a strong interest in purchasing the property and transformed it into a city koala food habitat and sanctuary for 4000 strong koalas in the region.Bob Sharkham, president of the association, said that without making a significant financial contribution to voluntary organizations, the current price tag forced them to withdraw from the competition.
"There are two of us who have provided us with some financial support, but the reality is that we cannot continue.Even if the council can support us as we hope, it doesn't matter because we don't have a wider range of support, "said Mr. Sharkham.The association will meet with the Council this week to discuss the process of buying a 250-acre Blackman corner property that is already full of healthy koala food trees.
Anyone who wants to support the Port Macquarie Koala Association can contact Mr. Sharkham by email at President @ koalahospolo.org.AU or telephone contact: 0411 757 879
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