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by:Wenwen     2019-09-15
Cramps can be a real nightmare, especially when they wake you up at night.The most common leg cramps are leg muscles and legs;However, they can appear in any muscle.Sometimes they look unexpected, but they can also be clearly aligned with your development.
What happened?When the muscles contract automatically, the problem of muscle cramps occurs.To a large extent, you will feel hard when you are in pain --That is the contracted muscle.However, cramps do not occur frequently for any reason.
If you do not strain your muscles, you are most likely to have cramps given your muscle fatigue or over-use because your body is dry or dehydrated, or because you do not get enough electrolyte, for example, potassium or magnesium.These minerals help your muscles to work easier with some help, and the liquid provides some help to your body in dealing with minerals.Most cases of muscle cramps do not show disturbing or worrying hidden states.
People aged 65 and over are at greater risk/harm to them.Cramps may be associated with alcohol addiction, hypothyroidism, or diabetes.If the recurrence of cramps causes you trouble, tell your expert.
You can then try some treatment and remedies.Relax the muscles that cramp.Stop any movement that can cause cramps and gently stretch the muscles and keep them stretched.You can even massage the muscles during or after stretching and may apply warm cushions to the area after stretching.
Another conceivable way to stop leg cramps is to replenish water.It may take longer to solve your pain, but once you have a drink of water or a sports drink with an electrolyte, you can fight another cramps.Many experts, such as fitness coaches, coaches, and physical therapists, also prescribe magnesium as a laxative salt outside your body.
This old-School remedies can be applied to wet fabrics, squeezed on narrow muscles, or you can add some to the hot shower or tub to soak.In fact, the hot splash will reduce a lot whether there is Epsom salt or not.The warmth of drying can even help.If you are not close to the bathtub, buy a heating pad.
Start the pads on the reduced settings, and if you don't get any relief, just increase the heat.If you are suffering from diabetes, spinal injury, or other diseases that may not make you feel warm, a warm pad is not the right choice.The main advice for patients with leg cramps is magnesium.
Magnesium is recommended for the treatment of muscle cramps in pregnant women, but more research is needed.Talk to your expert before taking any supplements in case you are pregnant.If you have leg cramps all the time and are not considered a more real situation, you may try to add more magnesium to your diet.
Nuts and seeds are the source of excellent magnesium
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