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how to build a splash pad first aid tips- eyes and chemical exposure - first aid

by:Wenwen     2019-09-16
Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere, and when an accident occurs, it is important to know how to handle it correctly.Here are some first aid tips on eye and chemical burns that will help you deal with challenging situations with confidence.The use of chemicals at work can pose serious health risks.
One of the possible accidents is chemical burns in the eyes.If not treated promptly and correctly, the surface of the eye may be damaged, resulting in blindness and scars.The priority is to irrigate the eyes in order to disperse the chemicals that affect the eyes.
Wear protective disposable gloves before helping the wounded.If the wounded wear contact lenses, please remove them gently.Contact lenses may continue to expose this chemical to the cornea, resulting in potential permanent damage.
However, avoid forcibly removing contact lenses.Immediately start flushing the injured eyes under mild cold water and continue to rinse for about 15 minutes.Keep the injured open their eyelids.Rinse the eyelids thoroughly inside and outside.
Let the wounded take a clean matOn the injured eyes.When waiting for medical assistance, wrap the mat loosely in the appropriate position.Call 911 for immediate medical treatment.If possible, send the containers of chemicals along with the wounded so they can tell the medical team what they are exposed.
Do not forcibly remove contact lenses from the eyes of the injured.Do not let the injured touch or rub the injured eyes.Make sure that the contaminated water does not splash into the uninjured eyes while flushing the injured eyes.
Notify health and safety officer or person in charge if an accident occurs at the workplace (E.G.g.General manager ).Record accidents in the accident record book and follow the business policies and procedures for incident reporting.Report any concerns (if any) about the safe use of chemicals in the workplace ).
Protect yourself from chemicalsDisperse harmful chemicals.Arrange emergency services or medical assistance for the wounded.Make appropriate reports on the incident.Report any health and safety issues you may encounter in the workplace.
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