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children's playground equipment North Bank project update

by:Wenwen     2019-09-02
Launceston City Councilxa0North Shore project, closing submission in early Julyxa0To express interest in providing playground equipment.The $9.Project 15 million is expectedxa0More than 200 jobs were created and $35 million worth of economic activity was created.The work of the project began in November 2014 and is initially expected to be inxa0It was delivered in stages until June 2017.
Robert Launceston General Managerxa0Dobritzski said that the Commission had received eight submissions of interest in playground equipment."The council will now create a shortlist from the person who submitted the material and invite people on the shortlist to participate in the bidding process," he said ."."We hope to win the bid in the next few months.
xa0The North Shore region will change.
xa0It provides a new leisure space for the residents of Launceston."It will include a network of walking and bike paths, a pedestrian bridge to the harbor, a parking lot, historical commentaryWater facilities and cuttingAn edge area playground for children of all abilities, "he said."An important part of the project is the new playground, which will be the main attraction for young people in the city.
The council is still working with construction materials company Boral to find the right venue for the project.Mr. doblinski said there was a need to respect the integrity of Bolarxa0The need for business operations and accelerated arrangements to promote major developments such as private sector Island development."Both sides are strongly committed to completing the relocation as soon as possible," he said .
\ "The council intends to start work on the north shore playground project before the completion of the Boral relocation
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