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children play equipment Plan needed to get children back outside

by:Wenwen     2019-09-05
The children play outside until the days when the street lights up have passed.The playground is full of "dangerous" equipment like the Monkey Bar, which is responsible for broken arms and trees that scratch their knees when the children climb up.Buying a bike under a Christmas tree or on a birthday is the best gift.
At the end of the lane, a trash can is often converted into cricket stumps, or football is played on the street.For many reasons, the behavior of the past few generations has changed.Safety is the cause of change.However, technology also plays a role in how children spend their afternoons and weekends.
In restaurants, you often see children on devices, TV on cars, and teens have six different accounts on social media.The advantage of technology is that parents can enjoy some peace in the car or in a quiet night.Not all technologies are bad and numb.It is actually educational.But at the same time, technology does not give us all the answers.
There are a lot of things that can't be done by looking at the screen.Not everyone is learning the same way.There are three main categories of learningxa0xa0Sight, hearing orxa0Moving.Just like the traditional classroom is not suitable for all students, outdoorxa0Or by hand.
Activities have no learning value for others.Many schools adapt to a variety of learning methods through specific programs, such as farms or vegetable gardens.A teacher once said that a little boy about 5 th grade had no attention in class.
He often distracts his teachers and classmates.The school introduced Stephanie Alexander's kitchen garden project and he was suddenly interested.As he cooks and measures in the garden, he is calculating the score.
Health and safety play these daysxa0Play an important role in our workplace.This is an important aspect of any organization.xa0Everyone should have the right to leave a place on the same conditions as they arrive.
But when you need to read the fact sheet about using a stapler, safety seems to go too far.Outdoor learning is a problem that must be discussed.It's a bit back to the future, but in today's world we need a plan of action to get kids active.
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