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amusement park manufacturers 'Terrible tragedy': US amusement park ride malfunctions at Ohio State Fair

by:Wenwen     2019-08-30
There is a personxa0On Wednesday, on the opening day of the Ohio State Fair, a ride failed, killing seven people and injuring seven others,xa0One of the largest state fairs in the country.Columbus Fire Department spokesman Steve Martin said the victim was thrown out of a fireball at seven.Twenty o'clock P.M. local timeA man was killed in the crash.xa0According to Columbus Dispatch."This is the worst tragedy in the history of the fair," Governor John of Ohioxa0Kasichxa0Say on the newsxa0Meeting.
Kasich called for a full investigation and ordered the closure of all rides before security checks."It's hard to imagine your family going to the state fair, those calls coming, there was a terrible accident, a terrible tragedy, and he said:" The people you love are also involved. ".Three injured were taken to Ohio Medical Center.
A hospital spokesman said the two men were later released and one patient was in critical condition.Four more.xa0At the Wexner Medical Center at Ohio State University, Dr. David Evans told reporters, "multiple passengers were expelled at high-energy speeds of more than 20 feet [6 m] or more.
Hexa0Four patients were in the intensive care unit and one of them was doing surgery, he said.The age of the victims variesxa0From teenagers to at least one in their 60 s"We will make it clear."There will be full transparency," added Kasich .
Republican Senator Portman also issued a statement saying he and his wifexa0They expressed their deepest sympathy to all those affected by the accident.According to the specifications of the US entertainment company, the swinging fireball rotates and swirls up to 40 feet [12 m] at a speed of 13 revolutions per minute, deploying the carnival operators of the fleet at the expo.Videos circulating on the Internet and on local news sites show that people have a sense of confusion as events unfold.
In a video, six boatmen with four seats jumped from the top of a parabolic shape.When a ship falls, it appears that at least two ships have hit a metal-framed support beam.When the video ended with a scream from a bystander, one seemed to be fired into the air.
Entertainment in the United States did not respond to comment.Organizers of the Ohio Expoxa0Requests for comment were not immediately responded.Travis and Mickey Taylor, 18.year-Brother old watchxa0In a small town outside Columbus, they said they were riding fireballs Wednesday night just before the deadly incident.
They considered climbing back, but chose the food and took a step back as they watched the people who boarded the plane behind them climb into the air."We just look at people being scared," Travis Taylor said .".The windmill turned right and left, and then suddenly someone was free.
"It's probably us," Travis Taylor said .
The cousins said that the onlookers screamed and the police and EMS began to block the injured people almost immediately."Everyone is scared," said Mickey Taylor .".We are shaking.Cousins don't know how long the fireball has been running at The Ohio State Fair, but they say it's been there for eight years.
They said it was one of their favorites.
"You'll see a video of a roller coaster glitch, but you'll never think it's really going to happen," Travis Taylor said .".Ride Inspector Michael Vartorella said at a press conference that his team oversees the state's 4300 units that have been carefully inspected to ensure the work of electrical systems, hydraulic systems and structural integrityHe said the fireball was checked three or four times before the trade fair began.When Vartorella described the safety risks of these rides, he became emotional.
"My grandchildren carry this equipment," he said .""We take this job very seriously. when we encounter such an accident ......Governorxa0Trying to downplay the concerns of fair guests, some of them have purchased season tickets and may think twice before returning to the fair before August 6."We're going to move on, but that doesn't mean we're not going to be sad about what's going on," Kasich said .
"I will go to the fair," he said .
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