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amusement park manufacturers Outback kids get kick out of big smoke

by:Wenwen     2019-08-31
16 students from one of Australia's most remote communities experienced life --Time travel in Melbourne.Children have never left the northern area, have never flown, have never been in high-rise buildings, have never used public transport, and have never stayed in a hotel."They still can't believe someone sneaked into your room to tidy up your bed and change towels," said Alex Wade, an education student at the University of the former Tower state.
Miss Veldums helped Stuart Austin, a former UTAS Student, make the trip happen.Miss Veldums, 23, and Mr. Austin, 30, moved to the north two years ago.After spending some time in laminging Arnhem, they started teaching at Kalkaringi this year.
This town, with a population of 800, has an ordinary store that receives food deliveries once a week and also sends mail on mail planes every week.Ms. Veldums said that the communities in the northern region were classified according to the degree of remoteness."Kalkaringi is the third category, the most remote place you can get.
It is also a dry community where drinking is not allowed.There are about 130 students in the school, but the attendance rate is very poor.Miss Veldums said that after the school received the attendance award, Jeff Parker decided that when traveling to Melbourne for students over the age of 10, the principal received at least 90 attendance awards.
16 students qualified.
Miss Veldums, Mr.
Austin, and Melbourne graduate teacher Melanie Norton organized the trip and the itinerary, including MCG watching their first AFL match between Hawthorn and Gilon"The talents of these kids are endless, so seeing Aboriginal AFL stars like Buddy Franklin and Cyril Rioli make it in the big smoke fog, this is what these children say, Miss Veldums.Visiting the amusement park and seeing the beach for the first time are two of many "first.Miss Veldums said they had never worn a jumper, trousers, shoes or socks and had no idea how to wear a scarf or gloves.
"They were never as cold as Melbourne.
This is an experience that children will not be able to achieve otherwise.At Kalkaringi, Miss Veldums said it was normal for children to grow up in the community and never leave."This is an opportunity to see that life does exist outside the community;It can be bright, vibrant, exciting and of course achievable.
Miss Veldums said that since returning to Kalkaringi, the trip was all the things the children talked about with family and friends."There are already children who say they come to school every day so they can go to Melbourne next year
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