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2018 Top Five Most Popular Water Park Equipment


With the development of economy, aquatic entertainment projects have developed rapidly, and more and more cities and townships have appeared water parks of various sizes. In order to succeed in the operation of the water park, in addition to the environment and marketing of the park, it is necessary to select suitable water park equipment. In the blink of an eye, the summer of 2018 has come. I recommend some popular water park equipment for everyone.

1.The mini tornado slide

The mini tornado slide, which is carried by an adult and a child, has the advantages of strong interest, high safety performance, vivid colors, stable operation, and easy management. This is a joyous paradise for parents and children, wonderful memories. With a lovely cartoon appearance and vivid color design, children can enjoy playing here as soon as they see it. This is the excellent choice for parent-child activities and is loved by many parents and children.

2. Rainbow Race Slide

The Rainbow Race Slide is also a very classic water park play slide. It can be multi-tracked and juxtaposed. It is usually 3 to 10 lanes, and it can slide with the body or floating mat. Participants can start the game at the same time. In the middle of the slide, a series of exciting slopes will be designed. Participants will pass through them one by one and finally rush to the finish line. The equipment is very Participatory and interactive, and at the same time has a strong reception capacity, so that visitors can participate in the game many times and get a unique experience of joy and enjoyment. The height of the slide can be done from a few meters to several tens of meters. The width of the commonly used slide is 0.6 meters, and the multiple slides are combined and used. It is ideal for bringing friends and enjoying a stimulating and enjoyable feeling in the slide competition.


3. Skateboarding

The skate board has a special pressurizing system and nozzle to create a thin and even flow of water on the skateboard surface. It moves from bottom to top and moves quickly. Visitors slide from high to the bottom of the waves, allowing visitors to experience endless water flow and surf fun, particularly suitable for young people who like to challenge, the surface of skateboarding is a special waterproof soft material, allowing visitors to feel more comfortable enjoy the pleasure of surfing.

4. Interactive water house

The Interactive Water house is rich in content and beautiful. A number of entertainment facilities are brought together. The interactive and interesting features are all in one. It is suitable for children, young and old to play together. There is also a big bucket, and the splashing of flowers is madly screaming from time to time. According to the characteristics of the investor's project, the manufacturer can provide a variety of styles of thematic packaging, such as Pirates of the Caribbean, a hundred flowers bloom, marine style and other packaging styles. This is one of the most popular water park projects and is also sought after by many tourists.


5. Artificial wave pool

Artificial wave pools have blasting waves and vacuum waves. Investors can choose the type of wave pool to build according to their own conditions. General wave pools can create waves of 1.2 to 3 meters in height. Waveforms can reach about ten kinds, controlled by the electronic control device. The wave pool also give inland tourists to enjoy the turbulent waves, allowing visitors to experience rapids and pleasant beach walks. The wave pool is suitable for hot springs, hotels, water parks and so on.